Free Class on How to Overcome Fears

The word fear appears 252 times in the Bible (NIV). Everyone experiences fear. Mental health providers have created programs to help people overcome fear. How does the Bible help us overcome fear? How does a relationship with Jesus Christ help you overcome fear?

This Free Class on How to Overcome fears will fit you if you:

  • struggle with fear
  • minister as a pastor or a chaplain
  • desire to teach or preach on overcoming fear
  • relate to someone who is stymied by fear, and you seek to minister to them
  • want to learn more about this topic


  1. Be introduced to the subject of victory over fear.
  2. Learn how a relationship with Christ is a difference-maker in dealing with fear.
  3. Learn how to deal with the fear of sickness.
  4. Develop a hope perspective in facing death.
  5. Learn how to overcome the fear of the devil or death.
  6. Learn how you can overcome the fear of people.
  7. Develop the ability to overcome the fear of failure.
  8. Become a person or minister who can process bad news and share the good news instead.
  9. Learn about the type of fear we all need!

Christian Leaders Institute has many free courses and mini-courses to choose from. Each class features an accredited professor appropriate for the subject matter. Christian Leaders Institute not only offers this free class on how to overcome fears but is your gateway for ministry programs that interest you!

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Whether you take the Free Class on How to Overcome Fears or over 150 other classes, you are welcome to explore programs that fit you!

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