International Language

Christian Leaders Institute has a ministry training study programs in six languages. Each international language program was made possible by generous Kingdom vision partners, especially Christian Foundations. The Rich and Helen DeVos foundation helped launch English in 2006 and French in 2014.

Kingdom Vision Partners have continued to be instrumental in funding free ministry training worldwide in more and more languages.

Russian, Ukrainian, and Spanish are currently being funded, and the programs keep expanding. Here are the languages that have received funding.

Enrollment Report by Languages (11/17/2020)

As of November 17, 2020, 319,511 students have enrolled in ministry training and been able to study the Bible!

French Language Program

The French translation was funded for the development of 30 plus credits of ministry training in 2014. Since that time, French ministry training courses have been offered in French-speaking places in the world. Currently, French is thriving under the leadership of staff and essential volunteers who answer students’ emails. The hope is for new funding to fill this program out with more courses and opportunities.

Spanish Language Program

The Spanish translation was our second international language. Over 30 courses are now offered in Spanish. Dr. Gabriela Tijerina-Pike is the provost, and Abigail Alfree is the Spanish coordinator.

The Spanish program has expanded quickly. It has enrolled over 50 thousand students since 2014, as reviewed on November 14, 2020.

Almost 4,000 programs of study have been completed. Starting with 326 programs in 2017 with 1615 as of November 17, 2020. The total is 3968 for all four years.

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Russian and Ukrainian Language Program

The Russian and Ukrainian translation program started in 2018, funded by generous anonymous Kingdom partners. Today over 12 Russian ministry training courses have been completed. Four Ukrainian courses have also been completed.  The impact is being seen all over the globe in Russian and Ukrainian people centers.

The Russian program director is Dymetro Glazunov. He has been leading the program since 2018.

Chinese Language Program

The Chinese language program began with John Chen in 2015. Currently, the program is being developed by Christina Zhang. It is being relaunched and expanding!