What is a pastor?

To many Christians, he’s the guy that stands at the pulpit once a week and delivers a message. Some will ponder and talk about the message later in their own homes. Others will feel good about the message for a little bit if it’s positive, or feel guilty and convicted for a little if it’s negative, then go on with their days and their lives.

To some Christians, he’s a counselor. They go to him because they are hurting. They go because they need help. They go because a good friend told them they need to get their lives in shape.

Some people see a well-known pastor as a marketing tool. They love to tell everybody they know, “that’s my pastor!” They take pride in going to the church where he preaches.

Some people see pastors as the person who direct’s the church’s vision. They associate everything that goes right (or wrong) in the church with him.

When people think of a pastor, they often get a picture of what a great pastor looks like. Some people think of Jonathan Edwards, the great revivalist who was known for his “fire-and-brimstone” style messages. Some people think Billy Graham, an evangelist who God used to spark a street revival throughout the United States. Some will think of their own pastor at their home church. Somebody who is not so extraordinary as some of these people named, but who works diligently to minister to the congregation.

So What is a Pastor, Really?

There are many hats that a pastor has to wear. On Sunday mornings he’s the preacher. He’s the one that brings the word of God to the congregation that God has entrusted to him. This in itself is a heavy burden, to speak the word of God to the people. Everyone who has been in a position to do so knows that this cannot be taken lightly. Pastors spend much time praying over and planning their sermons.

But a pastor also does many other things. He visits people who are in need. He counsels people who are hurting physically or relationally. He attends meetings at the church to determine its future and direction.

That’s why Christian Leaders Institute has several classes that speak to specific areas of pastoral ministry. Reverend Henry Reyenga, founder and president of CLI, and Dr. David Feddes, provost of CLI, both know that pastors need more than just their heads stuffed full of Biblical knowledge. Pastors need to know some of the practical applications as well. To that end, we have classes like Pastoral Care and Marriage, Evangelism, Church and Ministry, and People Smart for Ministry. There will be a church planting class added in the near future for those who feel called to that ministry.

So are you called to be a pastor? Are you already in a position of leadership in your church, but you need more training to be more effective for Christ? If you are a called leader in God’s kingdom, you can be trained to be a pastor right here at Christian Leaders Institute! Just click the button below and fill out the application form to get started today!

If you are interested in license or ordination, Christian Leaders Institute partners with Christian Leaders Alliance to provide a recognized clergy program. Click here. 

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