Free Chaplaincy Training

Local ministry Chaplains are in demand. Local senior care centers, police, fire departments, VFW’s are looking for volunteer ministry chaplains to help in time of need.

There is much need.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School makes free Chaplaincy training available through the free courses with Christian Leaders Institute.

The Christian Leaders Institute program is a good fit for Christians who seek to serve as volunteers or part-time chaplains.

Set up an account and you can begin to study at your own pace on smartphones, tablets or computers.

College Credentials

If you are interested in a college degree, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School offers a full low-cost full bachelor degree utilizing the free Chapain training courses. Click here to read more about CLI’s Leadership Excellence School Chaplaincy Degrees.

Jamae Sippio Testamony

My name is Jamae Sippio, and I am receiving free chaplaincy training at CLI. I am from Newark, New Jersey in the United States of America. I attended church during my childhood and learned some scriptures and how to pray. As I was growing up, I prayed for salvation with mental assent. However, I didn’t have much understanding of God’s word, salvation, or love for me.

The passing of my father in 1992 was humbling for me. I was present when the Lord led my aunt to bring her Pastor to talk with my father. He shared the gospel which led my father to repent and receive salvation in Christ. This caused me to desire to know and understand God personally. The cares of this world were an obstacle to me, but God kept sending me witnesses and my soul was delivered.

It was on a Sunday, November 15, 1998, that I visited what is now my home church. A Deacon asked the congregation how many of them love God. Then, songs of love and adoration for God were sung, and there was great praise. I felt left out because I wanted to love God, but I did not understand how that was possible. Then the founder and Pastor preached. His sermon reminded me of every dream and Christian witness that God had given me. I felt godly sorrow and a feeling of urgency to repent. I also felt God’s presence fill me as I repented and prayed in my heart. So, I rushed to the altar when the invitation was given since God had already done the work in me.

New Life in Christ

My life has never been the same. I began to share the gospel with others and God saved them. The scriptures were no longer veiled to me now that I am saved and born again. I have ministry degrees from another institute that is non-accredited. I have been using my education to serve in my home church in several lay leadership positions. I have also been given a license to serve as a Church Missionary.

I am grateful I found out about Christian Leaders Institute. My desire is to continue to study about God in a more formal setting and to go further in ministry for God. Therefore, CLI is the answer for me. It is through this course that I took a good look at myself in preparation for the next step in God’s plan for my life. I am aware that I am called and commissioned by God. My spiritual dream is to evangelize as many people as possible and to disciple people all for Christ. I intend to get my Chaplaincy credentials with CLI’s free chaplaincy training. I also intend to use my CLI training as I evangelize and disciple more people. Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute!

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