Free online bible study courses

Free online bible study courses

No-Risk. No Money. High-Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.

Free online bible study courses

No-Risk. No Money. High-Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.

Free Online Bible Study Courses

Are you looking to study the Bible? Are you searching for an online option that gives you ministry, college, or clergy minister recognition credentials? Maybe you want to study for continuing education. Do you want to learn basic Christian theology?

Are you a newer Christian who would like to understand what Christianity teaches? Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway for free online Bible study courses. They open your study of the Bible into new ministry impact opportunities.

Join tens of thousands of Christian leaders who are taking free online Bible Study courses. Click here to see the directory.


Popular Bible Courses

Enroll in Free Online Bible study courses and mini-courses for Credentials for ministry. Christian Leaders Institute has over 150 Biblical courses that will help you learn how to do ministry more effectively. Some of the courses are specifically about studying the Bible itself.

Old Testament Survey – This Bible course examines the historical writings of the Old Testament, focusing on the stories of God’s dealings with Israel in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ. This is one of the free online Bible study courses for contemporary Christian living and preaching applications. (The Old Testament’s detailed laws, Psalms, wisdom writings, and prophets are featured in other classes.)

"I am very ecstatic about taking this course, THE OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY course! This course gives an in-depth understanding of how the books of the Old Testament were written and the purpose behind each book."
- Johnson Oyesoji, Nigeria

New Testament Survey –  Identify and articulate major theological themes in the New Testament as a whole and each book of the New Testament. Understand and articulate the relevance of New Testament concepts for Christian living. Trace the expansion and development of the gospel and the followers of Christ in the first century.

"I enjoyed the format of the class and loved the professors. I really appreciated the unique ways that they engaged the students. It’s clear to me that each professor is not just qualified, but has a spirit of excitement in bringing the gospel to new students. I enjoyed each lesson."
Neil Eggers, United States

Christian Basics – This popular free course surveys the essentials of Christian Doctrine. This class features Dr. Edwin Roels and has been taken by tens of thousands of Christian Leaders Institute students.

This Christian Basics class was a great refresher for many points that I had forgotten over the years. I liked the ease learning of the Christian Basics class. I thought the topics were covered effectively. I thought the topics were thorough and included what I see fitting for a Christian Basics course to contain.
Jessica Geerligs, Canada

These free online Bible Study courses are only three samples of many courses that study the Old and New Testaments. These courses can be used for ministry awards where your study is recognized with plenty of awards to keep you busy.


Award Credentials

There are some interesting Christian Leaders Awards available by taking free online Bible study courses. Here is one sample: The Christian Basics Award is an award available to students at Christian Leaders Institute. You are invited to enroll in Christian after you enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete the registration activity (15 minutes). There are many benefits of the Christian Basics Award for different journeys.

Does this fit your situation? This Christian Basics Award...

  • Is one of the awards of the Licensed and Ordination program connected to the Christian Leaders Alliance 
  • Educates you as a new or renewed Christian who senses the calling for ministry.
  • Gives you basic Christian ministry training if you are a local leader at a local church.
  • Teaches you as a high school student the basics of ministry and Christianity.
  • Launches you in the foundational insights that will guide you through advanced study at Christian Leaders Institute.

Step 1: Click the button below.
Fill out and submit the sign-up form. Save or record the email address you used and your password. The email you used will be your login username. You will need your email address and password to log back in. You may receive an email confirmation. 


Step 2: You will be prompted to select the ‘Click here to Get Started’ button. This will take you to the Christian Leaders Learning login page. 

Use your email and password to log in. 

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Step 3: You will be enrolled in a Getting Started Class based on the interest you submitted in the sign-up form. This course will introduce you to the many opportunities available at CLI. 


College Credentials

The great part of these free online Bible study courses is using them for college at the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School has Degrees in Divinity, Chaplaincy, and Christian Leadership. In addition, there are emphasis tracks in Ministry, Bible, Business, and Philosophy. Fully accredited master-level colleges accept CLI’s Leadership Excellence School graduates into their master’s degree programs.

Clergy Credentials

These free online Bible study courses can also be used for a clergy credential study and local ordination program with the Christian Leaders Alliance. See the Christian Leaders Alliance clergy roles. Click here.

Continuing Education Credentials

Lastly, many Christian leaders enroll in these free online Bible study courses for their own continuing education. Since ministry is often done by volunteers, part-time or full-time leaders without much extra time for study, these study-at-your-own-pace courses really help leaders grow!

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