Bible Study Leader Award

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Bible Study Leader Award

A Bible Study Leader Award is available at Christian Leaders Institute. Christian leaders fill many roles and being a Bible study leader is one of them. This Bible study leader award fits a volunteer Bible study leader in a local setting. This awards says that you have studied and mastered the essential elements needed if you are called to serve in ministry. Bible study is imperative for building the church. Most people are ignorant of what the Bible says. Dr. Richard J. Krejcir wrote an article in Churchleadership.org, which stresses The Importance of Bible Study.

The Bible Study Leader Award focuses on six building blocks.
Bible Study leader Certificate

After you complete your admissions activity, you will need to complete the following classes:

1. Christian Leaders Connections (3 Credits)

The Christian Leaders Connections class is designed as a “great start class.” In this course, you can take the quizes more than once. The Christian Leaders Connections class goes over the essentials of ministry and ministry calling. It gives you an indepth orientation to Christian Leaders Institute and introduces you to the seven connections.

2. Christan Basics (3 credits)

The Christian Basics course covers the essential teachings of Christianity that have been taught through the centuries. The Christian Basics grounds you in a firm Christian foundation.

3.  Old Testament Survey (3 Credits) – The Old Testament has thirty-nine books that span thousands of years. This class surveys each of those 39 books and gives you a working knowledge of the major themes. These themes find their fulfilment in the Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Bible study leaders will be confident with the Old Testament knowledge that will enhance their leadership.

4. New Testament Survey (3 Credits) – The New Testament is about the ministry of Jesus and the ministry of the church. The New Testament fulfills the Old Testament in Christ. The New Testament is made up of 27 books. This class will give you important knowledge of the themes of the New Testament which will greatly assist you as a Bible study leader.

5. Church and Ministry (3 Credits) – The church and ministry class gives you training in actually doing ministry in a local setting. You will get an overview of relevant ministry competencies like doing a wedding or a funeral. You will learn how to lead someone to Christ. You will learn about small groups that are an essential for holding Bible studies. This class brings you many insights that make the Bible Study Leader Award filled with credibility.

6. People Smart in Ministry  (3 Credits) – The People Smart in Ministry class helps you do well in human relationships as it relates to ministry settings. You will learn how to be a better listener. You will learn how to deal with difficult people. You will learn insights about giving a first impression and much more. If you start or lead a small group or Bible study, you will find this class an important part of your Bible Study Leader Award credential.

A Bible Study Leader Award is an 18 credit award that grounds you in being a Bible study leader!

Who should take this award?

This Bible Study Leader Award will help volunteer ordained ministers, and small group or Bible study leaders. This will be a great supporting award for any elder or deacon. A youth minister or women’s minister will find this certificate very helpful. A homeschooling mom or dad will have more confidence in leading their home Bible study.

This Bible Study Leader Award is a foundational award at Christian Leaders Institute. Everyone called into ministry needs to know how to lead a Bible study.

   No Risk. No Money. High-Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.