How to Be Interesting Free Mini-Course

I took an online course from Malcolm Gladwell on communications.  I took out my notes, and I saw these words inspired by his online course:  “Almost as important as the content you present, BE INTERESTING!

Being interesting is something we often do not think about. But being interesting is desired. Most people would rather listen to interesting sermons,  speeches, or stories than boring ones. Most people would read an interesting book rather than a boring one.

Would you like to be interesting?

There are things you can do to become more interesting. Christian Leaders Institute offers a How to Be Interesting Free Mini-Course to help you become more effective as a person and a leader.

Being interesting helps you in ways you cannot even imagine.  In life, people tend to want to be around you more. In ministry, being interesting also helps your communication and your leadership.

This How to Be Interesting Free Mini-Course will change your life and also make you more effective in your service to Christ!

Information Covered in this Mini-Course

Each topic will introduce you to essential knowledge about growing as a more interesting person and leader. In this mini-course, you will:

  1. Be introduced to the subject of being interesting.
  2. Learn how to connect to interesting people.
  3. Develop your plan to do interesting things.
  4. Learn how to ask interesting questions.
  5. Develop the skill to tell interesting stories.
  6. Learn how to see the possibilities.
  7. Gain the skill and confidence to develop your compelling narrative.
  8. Grow in enthusiasm.
  9. Learn how to be daring.
Christian Leaders Institute Mini-Course Program

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