Free Christian Mini-Courses

Christian Leaders Institute is one of the world leaders in providing free ministry training. In 2021, Christian Leaders Institute began offering Free Christian Mini-courses that take less than 5 hours to complete.

Mini-Course Program

The mini-course program includes many topics of interest to active Christians and those interested in ministry topics. Click here to check out the program.

What is a Free Christian Mini-Course at Christian Leaders Institute?


These mini-courses are free to access by anyone! Vision partners that include students, graduates, individuals, churches, and foundations sow into this ministry to make all the courses free to complete. This generosity-driven model of Christian education has made it possible that over 375,000 students have enrolled in over 180 nations. Over 41,500 students have completed courses.


Christian Leaders Institute holds to the Bible as the Word of God. All the courses and the free Christian mini-courses promote the Biblical worldview. Christian Leaders Institute is guided by a Biblical statement of faith. Click here to see. 


The full courses at the Christian Leaders institute meet the requirements of college academics. The mini-courses deliver informative and life-changing content quickly. Many people are not interested in taking college credits simply because they do not have the time to complete formal courses and study for quizzes and such. The free Christian mini-courses are a great fit for busy people wanting to grow in their walk with God or in knowledge or skills related to their calling to serve the Lord.

What does a mini-course consist of? 

Each course contains video materials that focus on a specific topic. Courses consist of content recorded by our team of professors and carefully selected web sources like YouTube Videos. Our mini-course editors are continually searching for excellent Christian and ministry content.

Do I get credit? 

While you do not get college-level credit for completing these courses, Christian Leaders Institute does grant points. The points system helps you keep track of your completed courses.


Step 1 – Register for a free account. 

This takes less than 5 minutes. Click here to register at our home page. You will then be able to begin the Getting Started Registration Activity. 

Write down your user name and password so you can login to this website if, for some reason, your registration ends up in the junk mail folder.

Step 2 – Complete the Getting Started Registration Activity 

The welcome activity will take you less than 15 minutes to complete. You will learn the basics of completing courses at Christian Leaders Institute. You are encouraged to complete a basic profile.

Step 3 – Enroll in mini-courses or regular courses. 

The Getting Started Registration Activity shows you how to enroll in courses and mini-courses.

How will these courses help you? 

Christian leaders have been completing these courses and have been commenting on their impact. Here are a few of the comments on some selected courses.

Essential Philosophy

This mini-course has opened my eyes of understanding to know the differences between vain philosophy and Christian philosophy.

Indestructible Marriage

I gained more knowledge from this marriage mini-course, and it was like God is talking to my wife and me directly.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living course explored how to find out some simple, but highly effective ways to improve your quality of life.

Nine Ways to Build People Up

I think this course has really helped me because I was able to see that there are so many ways to build people up. I liked that it was quick and bite-sized. Being that way, it really was able to get me thinking more instead of everything just being laid out in front of me.

Critical Grace Theory

Wonderful topics found me rethinking a lot of things through this course. Will be going over it again just to take notes for future reference. I am now thinking about a lot of things from another perspective… things I never thought of to consider.

What other programs are offered through Christian Leaders Institute?

Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway to get college credits through the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. You are able to receive clergy credentials through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

There are many credential programs you have access to!  Ministers, Life Coaching, Matchmakers, Chaplaincy, and much more.

Sign up today to take the next step in your calling! These free Christian mini-courses may just be your launch!