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Online Bible College for Free at CLI

Greetings from a young leader in Lesotho attending online Bible College for free at CLI! God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good! My name is Neo Moeti, and I come from a small country called Lesotho, which is entirely landlocked by South Africa. As we are situated quite high above sea level, we got the name “The Kingdom in the Sky.” I am the eldest of three children, and we also own three dogs.

The first Christian missionaries that arrived in Lesotho were the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society (PEMS), in 1833. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine that this nation was ever an unreached people group. It is only recently when I went on a mission trip to Mozambique and Malawi that I became more grateful that the gospel was sent to us so long ago. Also, I gained a more profound revelation of the scripture in Luke that talks about the harvest being plentiful, but the laborers being few.

Finding CLI an Online Bible College for Free

I grew up in the church and received baptism when I turned 21. Currently, I serve in the Children’s Ministry Team as a teacher and coordinator. This ministry service is an excellent opportunity to share my passion for singing, dancing, design, and learning through play.

Over the years, paying for my higher education studies has been quite a financial burden. Therefore, I believed that pursuing any further Biblical Training in the future would not be possible. It was so amazing to find the Christian Leaders Institute because it offers online quality ministry training free of charge! This online Bible College for free is indeed an answer to prayer for me. I aspire to use what I learn to bless others as well as for the extension of God’s mighty kingdom.

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