Are you called to become a minister of the gospel? Ministry roles are expanding and needed as people seek God. Ministry training specializations are being added to fuel your ministry preparation in areas you are interested in serving.

In early Christianity, Christian Leaders were mainly volunteers who were called to meet needs. In Acts 6, we read about a need for ministry to Greek and Hebrew widows. The apostles not only met this one specific need but created a church leadership approach that mobilized ministers to meet specific needs. Stephen became a minister to meet this need. He then launched to meet even more needs as he preached the gospel. He became one of the first martyrs.

Christian Leaders Institute offers a way for you to complete a ministry program.  What needs are you called to meet in your community? How is God speaking to your heart? What ministry training do you need?

Christian Leaders Institute will connect you with a minister program that will fit your calling.

Step One: Get Ministry Training

Begin ministry training in your area of interest. We have over 150 courses, including free mini-courses and complete college-level courses.

These tuition-free courses include Bible study, theology, and ministry courses. Enroll and complete Old Testament and New Testament Survey. Take a course on Essential Christian Theology. Maybe you are interested in the skills of officiating weddings?

You can access this free ministry training by enrolling at Christian Leaders Institute. Complete a getting-started course in less than an hour, and you are all set. Enroll here to set up your free study account.

Step Two: Complete a Ministry Training Program

Christian Leaders Institute offers ministry credentials. The Christian Leaders Alliance partners with Christian Leaders Institute to provide minister credentials and membership with a global network of clergy members.

Christian Leaders Alliance began in 2014, credentialling volunteer, part-time and full-time ministers with clergy credentials. A Global Ministers Commission oversees the work. Thousands of credentialled ministers are included in the global Ministers directory.

In this step, you will select the minister role you are called to serve. There are five of them. All of them are clergy credential-grade, depending on your specific interest and the time you have to complete a study program.

The five roles are:

Christian Officiants –  The core credential is the Christian Wedding Officiant. One study course and one recommendation are needed for this credential.

This credential allows you to confidently and legally officiate weddings throughout the United States and many places worldwide.

Field Ministers – The Field Minister role has traditionally been considered a lay minister category. This role primarily requires mini-courses that take less time to complete.

Coaching Ministers -The Coaching Minister credentials are designed for those who seek to practice coaching as credentialed ministers. You need to submit two local endorsements for this ministry program.

This coaching role is perfect for those who desire a coaching practice or serve in a church as coaching ministers.

Licensed Ministers – The Licensed role is designed primarily for volunteering or part-time ministers. These ministers often have another means for their direct support.

Ordained Ministers – The Ordained role is designed for those interested in deepening their ministry preparedness. This role is more suited to those seeking part-time or full-time minister positions.

All these clergy roles have a local endorsement feature. This establishes more credibility for your ministry.

After you complete a clergy role, you are also welcome to take ministry specializations. Click here to find out more about the specializations. 

Step Three – Register Your Ministry

After you have taken ministry training and completed your minister preparation, what is next? 

Have you checked out Soul Centers? Soul Centers are places of ministry. The Christian Leaders Alliance allows credentialed ministers to register their local church religious society at the Soul Center Directory

Soul Centers recognize different purposes and sizes of ministry for credentialed ministers. 

What type of soul center would fit you? 

Check out these types of soul centers:

  • A Local Fellowship
  • A Ministry Practice
  • A House Church or Church
  • A Ministry
  • A Leadership Mentor Center

Click here to read more about soul centers. 

Take Aways:

  1. If God has called you into ministry, these grassroots ministry training and credentialing roles are available at low cost. The ministry training is tuition-free, and the Clergy Recognition packages have low administration fees.
  2. These programs are perfect for busy people with limited study time who have a definite call to ministry. This program opens the door to many possibilities.
  3. There is little risk in beginning your studies and completing your program to become a minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Give it a try!
  4. There are exciting options for local ministry with Soul Centers.


Angela White – Wedding Officiant

I pursued the Licensed Wedding Officiant role because I believe in the institution of marriage. I become a ministerhave mentored countless couples over the years. My passion is premarital counseling, and I love tools that help couples who are dating and engaged have a successful marriage.

I have learned a lot from this free ministry training and licensed Christian wedding officiant class. It has taught me extensively about marriage vows, how to interact with all couples, and how to conduct wedding ceremonies.

Gary Burney – Ordained Minister

I attended a church that had a nursing home ministry. I became involved in that. We would wheel the people into the Chapel for church service. I enjoyed so much singing and praising God with those beautiful people. I talked with them about Jesus. I Gary Burneydreamed about becoming a minister.

I pursued the Ordination and Wedding Officiant roles.

I now have the credibility to serve people in nursing homes and to write Christian devotional articles in our local newspaper. This gives my articles on my blogs more credibility.

Being ordained gives me more confidence as I share Christ.

Allan Carroll – Licensed Coaching

I am VERY excited to become a Licensed Coaching Minister! About four years ago, I felt God calling me to a ministry.

I began seeking ministerial credentials. There were many options, but I wasn’t happy with the ministerial mills. I also didn’t want to license with any mainstream denomination as we are a non-denominational para-church organization.

As such, I was incredibly excited to find the Christian Leaders Institute. Having quality training as well as endorsement requirements adds the value that I was hoping to find in my ministerial credentialing.

 Deanisha Roberts – Wedding Officiant

I have been married for 7 wonderful years, to a wonderful God-fearing man who loves the LordDeanisha Roberts and the life we created together.

I have obtained my Christian Wedding Officiant License, and currently I am working on the pre-marital counseling course.

This is just the beginning of the many things I would like to pursue in the Marriage Ministry. By spreading the love of Christ and joining the fight in the war on marriages to bring a new spiritual awakening to people from all walks of life.

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