Welcome to a Bible School Option that Fits your Calling and Budget!

Are you interested in studying the Bible? What if you could study the Bible tuition-free and still get credits? What if those credits launched you into your ministry calling? Do you need a minister credential program that includes Biblical ministry training?

Christian Leaders Institute is a Bible school that offers over 150 free courses and mini-courses that will change your life. You are welcome to take these free courses for your spiritual growth. Perhaps you are interested in our credentialed programs.

What Bible School Programs Are Offered at Christian Leaders Institute?

Ministry Credentials

Study Biblical courses and receive awards, certificates, and diplomas. These ministry credentials will help you gain more confidence as you serve the Lord in your local church or community.

Minister Role Credentials

Christian Leaders Institute is a Bible School that connects you with Minister Role Credentials through the Christian Leaders Alliance. Get your minister credentials recognized worldwide and be included in the global minister directory.

Roles Available

Wedding Officiant – Get training and credentials to perform weddings in your community. You will be recognized and legal in all fifty states and places worldwide.

Commended (lay) minister – For those called Christians who have limited time, you can study the Bible and other ministry courses that prepare you for local minister credentials.

Coaching Minister – Are you called to be a life coach or coaching minister in your local church or community? These credentials may fit you.

Licensed Minister – A licensed minister needs a Bible school education. Are you called to get your licensed minister credentials? This is perfect for the volunteer or part-time minister in a local church or community.

Ordained Minister – The ordained minister, is our most extensive study minister role. We have many Biblical courses available for you to complete.

Each minister role requires an endorsement activity that increases your confidence and credibility.

After you complete your core minister role, many specializations are available to you. Not only is Christian Leaders Institute a Bible school, but it is also your gateway for minister credentials.

Register Your Ministry

Have you checked out Soul Centers? Soul Centers are local ministry places for credentialed ministers trained at Christan Leaders Institute and credentialed through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The Christian Leaders Alliance allows ministers to register their local church religious society at the Soul Center Directory

Soul Centers recognize different purposes and sizes of ministry for credentialed ministers. 

What type of local ministry would you be called to register? 

Check out these types of soul centers:

  • A Local Fellowship
  • A Wedding Officiant
  • A Ministry Practice
  • A House Church or Church
  • A Ministry
  • A Leadership Mentor Center

Click here to read more about soul centers. 

College Credentials

Are you interested in college credentials? Your Bible school experience can turn into college credentials.

Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway to CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School offers several degree program options that will allow you to get your college degree. Many Christian leaders have transferred credits from this degree to Liberty. Others have taken their college degree, applied, and been accepted by places like Ohio Christian University.

Christian Leaders Institute is a Bible School under the authority of CLI’s Leadership Excellence School. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School is on an accreditation journey with ABHE to be fully accredited by the United States Department of Education.

There are low-cost fees that apply. Each nation fits into a tier that determines the fees.

How is this Bible school funded?

Christian Leaders Institute is funded by vision partners who believe that Bible education should be available free of charge to the world. Economic status should not keep people away from studying the Bible.

Take Aways

Christian Leaders Institute is a Bible school that may fit your calling.

  1. Are you looking for more Bible and Biblical education? These free courses will fit your budget and your limited time.
  2. Are you looking for minister credentials? There are five minister credential roles and over 30 ministry specializations.
  3. Are you looking for college credentials? The CLI’s Leadership Excellence School uses free Bible courses and offers low-cost college credentials.
  4. These Bible school courses are free and available through Christian Leaders to you! We invite you to become a Vision Partner should you be able to participate and the Lord leads that way.

Is This Real?

Maybe you are wondering if this option is real. That is a common question. Christian Leaders Institute receives a 4.7 rating on Facebook with over 1,200 reviews. Click here.

You are welcome to join the Christian Leaders Network to meet Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates. Click here to join. 


Here is a sample of students and graduates of the Christian Leaders Institute that are accessing this Bible School to fuel their callings.

Alexander Frimpong – Canada

I am a family man, married to a very beautiful woman for about 31 years. We have five wonderful children. I lived in New York for ten years and currently living in Free bible SchoolCanada for 15 years now. I attended a Presbyterian church in Toronto, where I served in 10 years Eldership position and was Leader of the Evangelism.
I became a Christian at the age of 12 years till now; all my family is Christian!
This free Christian Leaders Institute Bible school program has encouraged me to pursue my dream of achieving a licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Credential. It has also motivated me to achieve more Credentials at Christian Leaders.

Clare Bez – Georgia

I have three degrees: a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Asbury University in Wilmore, KY, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, and an Associate’s degree in the Medical Secretary program from Fugazzi Business College in Lexington, KY. Interestingly, I used these skills when working for more than 30 years in the Bible School Studentmedical field, serving patients and staff.

As seen by my choice of college majors in college and beyond, my passion and dream is to help people. I love the pastoral care ministry – caring for others through counseling, teaching, encouraging, and visiting hospitals/homes/jails.

Christian Leaders Institute has such great information in so many areas. I have been edified and matured by this material! While I expect to be a contributor to this ministry to help others have this education available, in the meantime, these resources being given by scholarship are so appreciated!

And now that I know about CLI and that donors support it, it makes it so easy for me to refer others to this Institute for training so they can grow, mature, and be equipped for the call of God on their lives! Thank you for being there, and thank God that I found you!

Oscar Roca – California

I love Christian Leaders Institute. The classes are open to anyone who wants to know God more and become a Christian walking all his or her life. I wish to thank the Christian Leaders Bible school TrainingInstitute for the honor and opportunity to be a student of the Word… and now alumnus. That still sounds crazy.

I also want to thank CLI’s Leadership Excellence School for my degrees. Without the Bible School classes, exceptional college fees, and leadership that sets the example in ministry, I would not have continued my pursuit of getting any college degrees. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School made it possible to get my degrees. Once again, thank you to all who are part of the CLI / CLI ministry, your service to me was crucial. Your servant hearts to the world is what makes you top notch in spreading the mission of making disciples of all nations.

Nilda Bonilla

My spiritual dream would be to lead a Women’s & Children’s Ministry, collaborate on a curriculum for it, and become a ministry Life Coach.

I realized that I needed Christ in my life when I lost my mother in the pandemic. That’s when God became more real in my life.
I hope to use the Christian Leaders Institute training to get my Women’s & Life Coaching Certificate.

Further, I thank God a million times for finding this platform, especially knowing it’s free. Work a part-time job at $15 an hour, just thinking that I had to pay would have discourage me from pursuing it all.

Ashley Hartel

My name is Ashley Hartell, and I am from Louisiana in the United States. I just started Christian Leaders Institute and am incredibly grateful to have remote Bible School education available to Biblical Educationme.

I hope to use my training at Christian Leaders Institute to shape me into a better spiritual leader within my local church and community. Free training is vital for me due to being on a fixed income. I am glad the cost of college is low and am excited to attend CLI in the future. Thank you for allowing me to thrive at CLI. Have a blessed day.

Gregory Chapel – Florida

I’m fervently looking forward to getting better in my ministry Bible School Trainingthrough the training provided here at Christian Leaders Institute.

I am receptive to whatever doors God wants to open for me through this journey.

With Christian Leaders Institute, my mentors, my partner of 14 years who is now my wife of six years, and God, I know I can conquer the challenges before me.

Brittany Nickodemus – Kenya

Hello! I am Brittany Nickodemus, and I am currently living in Kenya. I work as a Missionary Biblical EducationTeacher in Learning Support. This is a fantastic and unique role to support families in the mission field. My work allows missionary kids with Learning challenges to stay in the field and continue to serve abroad. I am excited about the opportunities CLI, CLI, and CLA present. I can’t wait to continue my learning and earn credentials to support Mission families overseas.

How Do I sign up?

It is simple. You enroll by clicking one of the enrollment buttons. Then, you will be automatically placed in the Getting Started Course. This course will guide you through the orientation process at Christian Leaders Institute, Alliance, and College. This Bible School opportunity may be your gateway to answering the call to ministry.