Foreign Languages Project

Here at Christian Leaders Institute, we have a mission: to train and raise up revival leaders all over the world! Since 2006 We have already reached over 250,000 students in over 180 countries. To do the work of reaching the entire world as Jesus commissioned us, we are translating our courses and programs into several other languages as well.

Laptop CLI Graduates

Here are the list of languages that we have translated courses and programs in

English –

Spanish (Español) –

French (Français) –

Russian (pусский) –

Chinese (中文) –

The reason why we are working so hard to translate these 90+ courses filled with reading material, video lectures, and quizzes/assignments is the same reason we have such a strong passion to keep our courses and training free; so that we may have our courses be as accessible to others as possible. To explain, By keeping our courses free and online, we can remove the financial and geographical barrier that hundreds of thousands of Christian leaders can face when pursuing Christian ministry training. The main barrier CLI is looking to remove now is the language barrier. We believe that anyone should have access to high-quality ministry training regardless of their finances, location, or language. We are hoping to release new languages as CLI continues to grow throughout the years to come that way we can continue to further raise up leaders for Christ around the globe. To see our global impact, you can view our directory here.


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