Further Education and Bible Knowledge

My Journey with Jesus

Hello, my name is Elizabeth White (formerly Nachtigall). I am a Christian seeking to know more about God. I have a passion for those who do not know Him and a passion for linguistics. Therefore, I am attending the Christian Leaders Institute to further my education and knowledge of the Bible.

Early Life and Conversion

I live in Wichita, Kansas, with my wonderful husband Nickolas, our sweet dog Rudy, and our kitten Mamie Fae. I work three jobs, but my favorite is being a nanny to seven precious children.

The oldest of three children, I grew up in a Christian home. We went to church whenever the doors were open. I started kindergarten in a Christian school. At age five, after a very memorable lesson in school about what heaven would be like, I asked Jesus into my heart. As I grew up in that school, I learned a lot.  However, it was mainly head knowledge. There were few things I truly tucked into my heart.

When I got into college at a Christian school again, everything changed. My faith was tested by a few professors who did not have the same beliefs as me. My first year of college I became suicidal and turned my back on God. Through the persistent love of two wonderful friends, I rededicated my life to Christ on October 6, 2011. Life has not been easy since then, but I know who holds my tomorrow and would have it no other way.

Further Education and Knowledge of the Bible at CLI

I have always considered full-time ministry and becoming a missionary. However, I never felt the time was right. Therefore, I was so excited to find the Christian Leaders Institute. I want to return to school to do linguistics and hopefully work as a translator in the future. As a newlywed, paying for school is unattainable at this time. Therefore, I am so excited to be able to further my education and knowledge of the Bible through the Christian Leaders Institute. I am excited to begin this journey and see where God is taking me in this calling.

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