What Is A Mentor Center?

A CLI Mentor Center is like a Christian study group or Bible Study where you can gather your friends, family, or fellow students to form a Christian study group and learn ministry together! CLI offers over 90+ free online Christian courses that cover a wide variety of ministry roles, this means that by studying as a group you have the opportunity to earn class credit from what you are learning. By earning class credit you can also earn credentials in ministry that we offer including awards, certificates, ordinations, diplomas, and degrees! 
You and anyone who would like to study with you would gather in your house or a church building and go over the CLI video lectures and reading material together. Then you can share and discuss the material. When it is time to take the quizzes for credit you will have to take the quizzes apart. You can go through the. material together but you may NOT take quizzes together or share any quiz questions/answers with each other as that goes against our cheating policy and can risk the expulsion of your student account.
You could do the Mentor Center gathering weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for an example depending on what fits your schedule and the attendee’s schedules.

Why Create/Join A Mentor Center?

There are numerous benefits of creating/joining a Mentor Center including the following:

  • A Christian study group can help motivate you to compete the course you are enrolled in.

  • A Christian study group can help provide support for you through more challenging sections of the course.

  • A Christian study group can help make the class material more fun to work through.

  • A Christian study group will provide you with other Christian leaders you can fellowship with.

How To Create A Mentor Centor

If you are interested in creating a mentor center all you have to do is ask those you would like to join you if they would like to join your Christian study group. The best route that we recommend students take is to set up a consistent meeting spot at a specific time that works best for all the individuals in your mentor center. You can then decide what course you all would like to work through and the pace you all would desire to work through the course at.

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