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Christian Leaders Institute is a leading ministry training school that offers free ministry training course.

What is ministry? The word “ministry” comes from the Greek word, Diakonos, which means, “deacon.”  The word deacon means, minister, servant. The heart of a minister embodies the heart of a servant.

Christian Leaders Institute has enrolled over a quarter of a million people who started ministry training. These leaders felt the calling to study ministry!

Are you interest to study ministry? There are over 90 courses to pick from! You can receive free ministry credentials. You can pursue ordination or apply the course for a low administration cost college degree.

Read Stories and Testimonies

Pakistan Ministry Training - LET NOT YOUR HEART TROUBLED

Pakistan Ministry Training - This is a sermon from a student being given Pakistan Ministry training. This training is very difficult but students can receive this training free of charge on the internet. LET NOT YOUR HEART TROUBLED  …


I am preparing an expository sermon.  This is a message for a multi-ethnic church starting the week without a pastor on a Thanksgiving Sunday. This is to encourage and challenge the congregation to be thankful even in the most difficult…
Christian Leaders Instititue Admission


You can do it!  You may be called to be a revival leader! We want you to sign up and start the getting started class. You may be used by God to change the world for Christ. Start Christian Leaders Institute Admissions simply by filling…
Prison Ministry Training

Prison Ministry Training - Grant Muhl of South Africa

Prison Ministry Training - Christian Leaders Institute is reaching out to those bi-vocational ministry leaders who have a passion to receive prison ministry training. Prison ministry training is not that different from traditional ministry…
Free Online Bible College

Free Online Bible College Trains Christian Leaders in Ghana

Free Online Bible College -Christian Leaders Institute is an free online Bible college that offers over 20 free classes covering a variety of topics. Of course, many traditional Bible colleges now offer distance learning as part of their curriculum.…

Preschool Ministry in America -Cassandra Poole

Preschool Ministry - Some leaders at Christian Leaders Institute are training for preschool ministry at the local church. Many do not believe that ministry training for those in preschool ministry is necessary, but we believe it is never too…

Bible Preaching School - Why Should We Itch ?

Bible Preaching School Note: Christian Leaders Institute is please with submissions by students for publication at our Bible School News landing page. At Christian Leaders Institute we are serious about offering classes that bring students…
american ministry student

American Ministry Student James Brunette

American Ministry Student James Brunette has finished his Christian Basic Certificate. Listen to his testimony.  My name is James Brunette, an American ministry student at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in the United States of America. (Twentynine…
South Africa Ministry Training

South Africa Ministry Training Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking

South Africa Ministry Training - South African Christian Leaders Institute student Juanita Van Heerden is called to bring God’s love to those victimized by human trafficking. Time Magazine online wrote, “The sex trade is fueling human trafficking…
pastoral care

Can anyone be changed without a touch from GOD?

Can anyone be changed without a touch from GOD? And these went with Him a band of men whose heart's GOD had touched" 1 Samuel 10:2. According to this verse no man can accomplish GOD's WILL without being touched by HIM. To touch generally…
Topical Sermon

Topical Sermon - How God truly sees your heart.

Topical Sermon - This topical sermon was submitted by a student at Christian Leaders Institute. Topical sermons are one of the types of sermons that are taught at Christian Leaders Institute. Topical Sermon - How God truly sees your heart. Topical…
word of god

Word of God - Studying to Be A Minister

Hello, my name is Andrew Shreffler and I am from Springfield, Missouri, United States. I would like to first say thank you to Christian Leaders Institute for providing me - as well as many others - with a wonderful opportunity to study the…

Daniel 1 - Sermon from Johnis Burton of Jamaica

Name:                     Johnis Burton Scripture:              Daniel 1 (focus vs 7) Theme:                  There Is Something In A Name Sermon #1 in the Sermon Construction Class…
Preaching Confidence

Preaching Confidence - Ebenezer Osafo Aikins of Ghana

REFLECTION PAPER ON SERMON CONSTRUCTION AND PRESENTATION BY EBENEZER OSAFO AIKINS Preaching Confidence - My name is Ebenezer Osafo Aikins. I am a student of Christian Leaders Institute from Ghana. It has always been my dream to study at a…
pastoral care

Pastoral Care and Marriage Reflection - Milton Edwards of Canada

Reflection on the Pastoral Care and Marriage Course Pastoral Care - When I signed up for this course, I thought lightly of it and had the preconception that it was all about teaching each partner in a marriage relationship how to love each…