Ordained Minister

Become an ordained minister through Christian Leaders Institute. We offer free Bible classes and ordination classes. These classes are free for your unofficial ordination certificate. There is a small donation fee for official documentation. Here is how our ordination process works.

First, are you a Christian? Have you professed your faith in Christ? Are you walking with God? Are you called into ministry? When you sign up for the free studies at Christian Leaders Institute, you will take a getting started class that helps you explore your walk with God and your calling into ministry. All materials for study are free. Second, are your beliefs actually Christian? Christian Leaders Institute offers you a Christian Basics class featuring the materials of Dr. Edwin Roels. This Christian Basics class covers the key doctrines of Christianity. When you complete this class you graduate with your first certificate at Christian Leaders Institute and you are ready to pursue becoming an ordained minister through the Christian Leaders Alliance and the Christian Leaders Churches. Third, takes classes that focus on your specialty as an ordained minister, and you can pick from different ordination options. Currently, you can become an ordained minister in the following specialties.

  • Ordained Local Church Deacon (11 Credits)Ordained Minister
  • Ordained Officiant (20 Credits)
  • Ordained Christian Leader (37 Credits)
  • Ordained Local Church Officiant (23 Credits)
  • Ordained Local Church Pastor (36 Credits)
  • Ordained Network Planting Apostle (49 Credits plus other requirements)

Fourth, each ordination designation has a one-credit ordination class included in the program. This class finalizes your local ordination. You will be asked to submit three local recommendations concerning your life and calling to be an ordained minister in your local community. Once these recommendations are submitted and all the requirements of the ordination class are complete, you will be ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance. You can schedule a local ordination ceremony in your community. Note: All ordinations are through the Christian Leaders Alliance. Christian Leaders, NFP also offers a program for an ordained minister to have an accountability structure including the cover of the Apostolic Council. This ordination accountability requires a monthly donation commitment to support the ongoing cost of this program. Christian Leaders Institute partners with Brian DeCook the president of Peacefire.net

Warning: Stay away from ordination mills that do not give you credible training to be ordained as a Christian minister. Check out Ordination Scams. 

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