Purpose in Ministry

God’s Love Never Fails

Hello! My name is Lacey Sauvageau, and I live in the USA in Washington State. Seeking purpose in ministry, I searched for online ministry schools. I found the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here). So, I am taking tuition-free online classes at CLI.

Living in the United States has allowed me to love God and serve others. It has allowed me to follow God’s will for my life. Growing up, I wanted to be a police officer. However, I ended up becoming a 911 dispatcher instead. I worked in that profession for six years before I left and changed careers. Now I work in the public sector for transportation.

My Journey

The first time I came to know the Lord was in high school. It was in a youth group, and I felt God’s presence. So, I gave my life to Christ then. Thankfully, I did no criminal behavior at any point in my life. However, I have made mistakes and sinned. I left the church and decided to rely on myself on several occasions. I spent a couple of years away from the church. Loss, grief, heartbreak, and different challenges shaped me and my life. However, had I trusted God’s will, I could have gone through these challenges more easily. Perhaps even avoided them.

After drinking and engaging in self-destructive behaviors, I returned to the church and confessed my sin to my local pastor and trusted elders. Further, I have been shown God’s love and relentless pursuit of our hearts by the local church and others around me. My relationship with God has given me purpose and direction in my life.

God Gives Me Purpose in Ministry

Therefore, my new dream is to follow God’s will wherever that takes me. My purpose in ministry is to follow where God leads me. I want to go into ministry in whatever capacity God wants. I want to show others that God loves them and will meet them wherever they are. The local church has always been there for me when I returned to the church. Without judging, they showed God’s love to me. My family has also been supportive of my relationship with God.

Finding the Christian Leaders Institute has been excellent. The education through CLI has taught me about forgiveness to myself and others. I have learned about God and His love. It has changed my life. Thank you, CLI!

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