Restorative Ministry Service

Restorative Ministry Service

God Has Passed the Baton to Me I am Ericka Scott from Georgia in the USA. My calling is to work with young adults who were convicted in the Juvenile Court and are now re-entering society as an adult. God has called me to teach them job-readiness…
Restored Life

Restored Life for Elizabeth

Restored Life for God's Glory and Purpose Hello, my name is Elizabeth (Beth) Russell, and I have a restored life in Christ Jesus. Currently, I am living in the state of Texas in the United States of America. I was adopted as an infant into…
God's Faithfulness

God's Faithfulness: He Never Lets Go

God's Faithfulness Endures Forever If all the oceans filled with ink and all the trees converted into paper, there still wouldn't be enough resources to write of God's faithfulness, goodness, and mercy. My God has forgiven me much so many times;…