Study the Bible

Study the Bible

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School, Institute, and Alliance have a common thread. This thread is the study of the Bible.

The Bible is 66 books written over 1,400 years. The Bible is divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament.

For Christians, the Bible is the story of redemption. Humans fell into sin, the story found in Genesis. God revealed himself by making a covenant with Abraham and the nation of Israel. The Old Testament tells of the promised Messiah.

The New Testament is the story of the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. The New Testament also launched the Christian Church and Christian leaders. We meet people like Peter, Paul, and Mary. Ultimately, the Bible is about walking with God!

The training of Christian leaders to study the Bible in-depth is the pursuit of the Christian Leaders Institute. The courses are free, supported by generous vision partners, including students, other Christians, foundations, and churches.

Christian leaders from over 180 nations make up the students and alumni of the Christian Leaders Institute. Some have college degrees to pursue full-time ministry. Some are volunteer or part-time ministers. One central theme is to study the Bible to grow as Christian leaders.

Christians Leaders Institute (CLI) helps Christian study the Bible in-depth. Since 2006,  CLI has offered free Bible school courses and awards. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School now oversees Christian Leader Institute so that a college program can be offered. Christian Leaders Alliance offers licensed or ordained clergy roles.

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