Effective Preaching

Are you a minister who wants to learn how to preach better? Are you a lay preacher interesting in delivering excellent messages?

Do you want to improve your presentation? Do you want to challenge yourself to try some things that will help you grow? Have your sermons gone into a rut and you want to change?

Dr. Bruce Ballast and others will introduce many important topics. He has developed a free preaching class of 3 credits at the Christian Leaders Institute. Enroll in our brief admissions class, which will take you less than two hours to complete, then you can enroll in this free college-level preaching class.

Maybe you care about how to become more effective at sharing the word!

– more interesting;

– more compelling;

– more spiritually uplifting,

– messages that inspire, encourage and instruct believers to thrive in their walk and reach others,

– messages that draw unbelievers and seekers to engage with the scriptures and take that next step to become followers of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Bruce Ballast has been recognized as a preacher who has mastered both the techniques and the art of preaching ministry.

Looking for Free Ministry Training? Join Christian Leaders Institute today and start your classes. After you finish the admissions class of fewer than two hours, you are free to enroll in preaching and communication classes.

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