South American Bible School

South American Bible School

South America is studying the Bible. Spanish and Portuguese are the main languages spoken in Central and South America. However, about 20 million people speak and read English. Places like Belize speak English as their first language. Over 10 million speak

Gabriela Tijerina-Pike

Dr. Gabriela Tijerina-Pike

English in Brazil.

Because English is spoken commonly in South America, CLI’s Leadership Excellence School and Christian Leaders Institute are honored to reach so many with our South American Bible School effort.

Since 2014, many Spanish Bible school classes and awards have also been completed! Click here to find our Spanish website. 

Spanish Christian Leaders Institute has been expanding throughout Latin American and places like Spain. The Provost, Dr. Tijerina-Pike, has her Ph.D. in Biblical Exegesis at the

University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

The Spanish program coordinator is Abigail Alfree Abigail has her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. She has a passion for helping Spanish and English speakers from South America to access free classes.

Christian Leaders Institute was founded in 2006. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of people have signed up for free courses. Tens of thousands have finished classes and programs.


Christian Leaders Institute provides free awards in ministry areas.

CLI’s Leadership Excellence School provides low-cost college degrees. CLI’s Leadership Excellence School is on the path of accreditation with the USA Department of Education.

Christian Leaders Alliance provides Licensed and Ordination clergy recognition. Plus, a denomination-like connection to other Christian leaders worldwide.  Click here to see the clergy directory.

Studying the Bible Online

Studying the Bible Online

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Trained to be a Christian leader

Trained to Be a Christian Leader

My name is Vagner Valentim, and I'm being trained to be a Christian leader at the Christian Leaders Institute. I'm 48 years old, married to my beautiful wife, Helyana Mello. I'm from Galileia, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. I have an incomplete…
Ministry Training Classes

Ministry Training Classes

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Revival Leader Call

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Free Ministry Training Journey

Free Ministry Training Journey

Free Ministry Training Journey I am on a free ministry training journey at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and am the oldest of four children. I grew up in a Catholic home. My great grand uncle was monsignor…
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Evangelism Outlawed In Bolivia?

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Ministry Training In Brazil - Tiago Cunha

My name is Tiago and I am Brazilian. I was born in 1986, in a small town in northern Brazil. When I was 8, my parents were called to the gospel of Jesus. I was baptized and made my public profession of faith in a Presbyterian Church. Since that…

Free from the darkness by the power of Christ. Wilmer Rodriguez

Hello Everyone! I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. My name is Wilmer Rodriguez (38) years old now and I live in Caracas capital of Venezuela in the north of South America. This is the place of my birth. I am the first of four children.…
Free Panama Bible School

Free Bible School in Panama

Erick Florez is 28 and lives in Panama City, Panama. Panama is booming with economic growth. The Panama Canal is bring updated for bigger ships and much foreign capital has been flowing into Panama. There is a stunning opportunity for the…

Erick Florez of Panama - Christian Basics Graduate of the Day

Erick Florez - "My name is Erick Florez, and I am 28 years old. I Live in Panama, City, Panama. God is blessing Panama as never before. Panama's economy is growing as never before. Christianity is accepted here, although Catholicism is…

Alvaro Baquero Parra of Colombia

Alvaro Baquero Parra - "My name is Alvaro Baquero Parra. I live in Colombia, South America. I believe that ministry in this country is very important because you could find a lot of christian people who love to serve with humility. The ministry…

Mission Latin America: Willahar Mahecha Bolanos of Colombia

Mission Latin America: Willahar has a plan for Mission Latin America. He starts by talking about Mission Latin America. "Brothers and Sisters in Christ: May God bless all of you now and forever. My name is Willahar, I am living…