Studying the Bible Online

The Lord Is My Shepherd

My name is Allan Sundar. I am studying the Bible online at Christian Leaders through the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

Introduction to Christianity

I was born in Suriname (a former Dutch colony in South America) on December 21, 1993. However, I spent the first eight years of my life in Guyana. My Guyanese parents had to move back to Guyana a few months after my mom gave birth to me. We were struggling with financial issues. At the time, my mother was Hindu, and my father was acquainted with Christianity.

Due to submission to my father, my mother dutifully sent my sister and me to Sunday school frequently. In a small, 10m x 6m, community church, I was introduced to Christianity. I made it the foundation of my being. My sister and I enjoyed the various church gatherings. We were always quick to volunteer to be part of church sketches or any other stage performances. The memories of this place will always be cherished. Looking back at that experience, I know in my heart that that was God’s plan to direct me into Christianity to prepare me for the plans He has for my life.

A Move and Changes

When I was nine years old, my parents decided to move back to Suriname. As we started life again in a new (to me) country, we had various obstacles to overcome. One such obstacle was the language. This barrier greatly affected my education in the Dutch schools. In Guyana, I was at the top of my class. Hence, it bothered my mother that I was 2 years behind in the Dutch system due to the language barrier.

As my parents searched for private schools, God once again showed His sovereignty. He provided not just an English-speaking private school but an English-Presbyterian private school. It was another example of God’s providence in my life. Although my parents could not afford the tuition, He worked in the administrator’s heart to provide a special program for my sister and me. This meant we only had to pay 30%-40% of the tuition. In return, my sister and I cleaned one classroom at the end of the day until we graduated. It was truly God’s doing. Fast forward to the present, I gained a mentor, job, church, and a fiancé at this very institute over the years.

Broken Home Yet God Is Sovereign

Everyone has various struggles in life. One of my struggles was when my mother left me at the age of 12. She found an opportunity to work in a foreign country to provide a better life for my sister and me. It had been challenging for my parents to meet the daily necessities in life. My mother’s departure seemed harmless in the beginning. However, as time elapsed, my teenage life lacked the comfort and care of my mother. Soon, it became overwhelmingly painful for me.

My situation did not get easier since my father and I never shared a bond either. A few years later, my parents divorced. These various circumstances forced me to mature quickly. Despite these circumstances, God’s continuous watchful care over me never failed. He kept my focus on what was important. God provided me with a mentor – my current pastor/boss who had also been the school headmaster.

Calling Journey

My father is a construction worker. He can practically build a house from the foundation to the roof, even the furniture. I admire my father’s work ethic and his skills. Having witnessed my father’s work, ignited a desire within me to become an architect. I had dreams of building skyscrapers and bridges. As I got close to finishing high school, I looked into colleges. However, these colleges were beyond my budget. As a result, I focused on finding a local job in retail. I found my way into the business sector of Suriname for six years. I gained numerous experiences throughout those years. However, God had other plans for me. Due to various unforeseen circumstances, I had to leave the retail industry.

Here my life took an unexpected turn. After leaving retail, my pastor, mentor, and role model re-offered (the first offer was a year before which I respectfully declined) me a job. He wanted me to work as a teacher and to help him in the administration. At the time, it was the smartest decision. So, despite it being a non-profit organization, I took the job. I never thought I would be a teacher, but God knew otherwise. His will was being done throughout all of this. As I worked at the English school I attended in my youth, I grew to love my job. I found fulfillment in helping others. Passionate about sharing what I know to help others, I found my calling and purpose in life working at Christian Liberty Academy.

Studying the Bible Online

As I continue to learn and understand more about God, I yearn to seek Him more. I am forever grateful for His saving grace in me. Without Him, life would be meaningless. For this reason, I intend to live a life that reflects His love for me. The only way I can live for God is by continuously studying the Bible His Word. Thanks to Christian Leaders I can fulfill this goal of studying the Bible online at a tuition-free rate. This too is God’s sovereignty. Thank you, Christian Leaders!

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