Alvaro Baquero Parra –

“My name is Alvaro Baquero Parra. I live in Colombia, South America. I believe that ministry in this country is very important because you could find a lot of christian people who love to serve with humility. The ministry in Colombia is reaching a lot of people with the precious and holy love of God. We will worship in this country in a new level of friendship with God.

“I came to God in the year 2006. He helped me a lot because I was really sick. I had a disease in my hands. Jesus is the most precious gift of love, so now I am free and I want to share the good news of salvation. I came to God because He has wonderful mercy on souls. I am sober now (I was an alcoholic), and I want to know more about his precious life.

“My ministry dream is to be a very good friend of God. I want to understand and practice the word of God. I want to worship with all my life and reach people for the wonderful glory of God our heavenly Father and Savior.”

Alvaro Baquero Parra Receives a Scholarship

“The scholarship at CLI is so important because I want to follow and understand the word of God. I want to become a Pastor and help people that do not know God. I want to prepare my life with a good study of the Bible, and I think that the scholarship is a perfect tool for these dreams.

Alvaro Baquero Parra has experienced the hand of God on his life. He has recovered from sickness and from alcoholism through the grace of God. Now Alvaro Baquero Parra wants to share the love and the saving power that turned his life around with others. He desires a scholarship to CLI so that he can increase in his knowledge of the truth.