Shane Norwood –

“My name is Shane Norwood, and I reside in beautiful, sunny (usually) Southern California, U.S.A. As a citizen of the United States I am blessed with the freedom to worship freely, but California presents unique challenges to those involved in ministry. California is home to the “Hollywood” culture, where Jesus Christ and those who believe in Him are mocked and ridiculed. Additionally, California is a very liberal state politically and socially. Our political leaders are strong supporters of same-sex marriage as well as other forms of immorality. Being against their agenda labels believers as bigots, intolerant, and “behind the times.” Obviously, this presents a tremendous challenge to Christian leaders and lay people alike.

“I came to know the Lord when I was 12 years of age while attending a Christian summer camp. The 10 plus years following my conversion were filled with confusion and frustration with my family church. Being very legalistic, they taught a doctrine that was not consistent with biblical teachings. Sadly, their misunderstanding of biblical interpretation caused me to drift away from church and my fellowship with God. It wasn’t until I became a police officer and met our police department chaplain that I received answers to all the questions I had about the teachings of my former church. I learned that the key to the Christian life is having a close, personal relationship with Jesus. He taught me that we honor Christ not only through actions which are pleasing to Him, but also through having a Father/child relationship with Him. That was the awakening I needed.

“As a result, my ministry dream is to become a police chaplain and eventually, God willing, a pastor. I have nearly 15 years of law enforcement experience and have lived the nightmares that face many officers. I have witnessed, first hand, officers and the citizens we serve enduring the tragic death of loved ones through suicide or murder. I have seen children suffering from sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. I have seen homes terrorized by alcohol abuse and domestic violence. I’ve seen lives destroy by addiction to drugs. I’ve witnessed teenagers pressured to join gangs and commit acts of violence in order to gain acceptance, and many other unspeakable evils. I am confident, through the power of Jesus Christ, that I can use my position to make a difference in the lives of those I come in contact with in the course of duty.”Shane Norwood

Shane Norwood gets a Scholarship

“It goes without saying just how much a scholarship to CLI would mean to me. It would enable me to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to effectively witness. It would allow me to minister to and provide biblical insight into the trials and tragedies faced by those I serve. A scholarship provides the donor with a unique opportunity to have a direct impact on the lives of my brothers and sisters in law enforcement. Police officers are unique in the sense that they often do not admit emotional, spiritual, or physical weakness. Ministry training would enable me to reach out to law enforcement officers. It would also allow me to offer them godly advice and counsel on the unique, private issues that often negatively affect them. Additionally, it would allow me to gain wisdom and knowledge that will enable me to better serve the community in my capacity as a law enforcement officer.

“I ask that you pray for all law enforcement officers around the world. Pray that God sends His angels to guard them from harm. Nearly every single day, a law enforcement officer in the United States gives the ultimate sacrifice during his or her service to their individual communities. Last, I especially ask that you pray for the people we as law enforcement officers serve. Pray for Christ’s intervention in the prevention of crime; ask Him to bring broken families back together, and, most importantly, pray for His protection over the innocent children who often have no one they can trust for guidance and love.”

Shane Norwood is a police officer who sees a brutal world, but Shane Norwood is also more than that. He is a Christian police officer who sees a brutal world that needs the love of Christ more than ever. Even more, Shane Norwood sees his position as a means to bring that message to them, and he has chosen to pursue his calling by attending Christian Leaders Institute. With a scholarship to Christian Leaders institute, Shane Norwood will have a unique opportunity to reach people for Christ who others will never encounter.

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