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Erick Florez is 28 and lives in Panama City, Panama. Panama is booming with economic growth. The Panama Canal is bring updated for bigger ships and much foreign capital has been flowing into Panama. There is a stunning opportunity for the gospel to spread. The need for leaders is increasing and most ministry training has become very expensive. There needs to be a high quality free Bible School in Panama. Christian Leaders Institute seeks to be that ministry training institution.Free Panama Bible School

Erick was raised in a Christian family. He writes,

I grew up in a Christian family. My grandparents are the senior pastors in the church. Although I know the gospel from my childhood, I was away from God for a few years until God was in my search and He caught me with his grace and mercy. He drew me close to him by letting me understand the greatness of his awesome mercy.

I want to serve the Lord with my entire heart. I know God is calling me to preach and to be a leader in my church. God wants to do great things through our church so many people can know Jesus, build a relationship with him and praise God for the things he has done. My main dream is to build a strong Worship Ministry at our church. For many reasons it has weakened. I also want to teach people how to build a personal relationship with God in a practical way, how to go beyond belief to convictions. I want to be useful for church in as many areas as possible.

Free Bible School in Panama Gives Opportunities

Erick finds that Christian Leaders Institute solves two problems for him. First, this Bible School in Panama is free. The other schools are expensive and those options are not financially possible for him. The second problem is that he really needed an online Bible School so he could get the training he needed in his time frame. Erick said,

It has been a blessing to find CLI, I was praying for the opportunity to study in a Bible Institute to get prepared for ministry, but unfortunately the options we have here in Panama are too expensive for my actual budget. The other issue I have is time, so having the opportunity to get prepared online works great for me. I really appreciate having a scholarship from CLI because based on what I have seen so far, I am convinced that I am going to get well prepared. You can be sure that I am totally committed.

Christian Leaders Institute is solving ministry training challenges all over the world. Thousands of new students are signing up every month to receive this online ministry training. New students will immediately begin by taking the Getting Started Class that examines their calling into ministry, their walk with God and knowing basic Christian doctrines. After this Getting Started Class, students are awarded their first certificate called the Christian Basic Certificate. New students world wide are encouraged to find a local mentor to help them process their ministry training journey.

If you are in Panama and understand English, this free Bible school in Panama might be right for you!

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