Mission Latin America: Willahar Mahecha Bolanos of Bogota, Colombia

Mission Latin America: Willahar has a plan for Mission Latin America. He starts by talking about Mission Latin America.

“Brothers and Sisters in Christ: May God bless all of you now and forever. My name is Willahar, I am living in Bogota Colombia. This is our capital city with around ten million people. I am a member of the first Presbyterian church. I am leading the music ministry with a choir of about 25 people. We are doing evangelism and social service. Our top goal is to get the message of Jesus Everywhere.”

There are distractions in Mission Latin America.

“Doing ministry in this city is quite hard. There are many people wanting to hear about God. People get confused because the different messages. Everybody knows the situation around the world with false masters and prophets preaching everywhere. We the evangelical main stream are doing the work for the glory of God.”

Willahar converted at a young age to pursue Mission Latin America.

“I was born in a Christian protestant family. I met Jesus At the very young age. Despite that I was walking away from God. He in his mercy and love called me back again. Seven years ago, I renewed my faith. I take my faith seriously and since then I have been walking with Jesus as my Lord.”

He wants to have a church for Mission Latin America.

“My ministry dream is to serve my community church teaching to walk with Jesus. Also doing an important ministry and in that way help for a authentic biblical revival. Getting a scholarship from CLI will be the best answer from God to help my ministry. This will give me the right tools to fulfill the commandement from Jesus to preach the gospel.”

Prayer is needed for his success with Mission Latin America.

“Please pray for my to get the best from CLI and for spiritual strengthen and for the people under my charge. I hope to have done my best with my English. My first language is Spanish.

Willahar has completed the Christian Basics Certificate. He continues to pursue Mission Latin America and his education thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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