Hello Everyone! I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. My name is Wilmer Rodriguez (38) years wilmer-cli-IIold now and I live in Caracas capital of Venezuela in the north of South America. This is the place of my birth.

I am the first of four children. I am married to Carroll Alezard from Caracas, too since 2012 and I am living with two stepchildren, Jesus (11) and Zarah (6). Regarding my country Venezuela, it is small and well known for its petroleum, however many people in the world have not heard about us. Our native language is Spanish. Fortunately, it is a free country to express not only the Christian faith but any religious belief. At the moment the nation is facing some economic and social difficulties, but most of the inhabitants and specially Lord´s people expect this will change.

About the way I came to the Lord Jesus in 1997, I was so tied with bad spirits or demons, I wanted to take my life and was very rebellious with my parents and the rest of family. It had not to do with drugs (though I sometimes drank alcohol) or mental problems.

In those days I could not sleep because of demonic attacks. To solve it I began to visit some sorcerers and witches and realized of the following: there is a spiritual world or dimension that we do not see, but affects all the human beings. Short after I understood the need from God´s help. So I attended to a church and started a process of deliverance from demons which afflicted my life during various years. I always remember the story of the Gospels about the demoniac Gadarene because something like this happened to me.

Even though the situation above was not easy for me, I fastened and prayed with constancy and intensity. Then the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit make me free. Glory to the Almighty God…

In my first years as a believer, I attended a church without sound doctrine (I mean a mixture of Christianity with other beliefs). During my path in Christ I have learned that He called me not only to eternal life but for ministry as well. I have in my heart the inquietude for evangelistic ministry (I got the confirmation for it). My desire is to preach and teach the gospel in a proper way. Besides the Lord´s gift I see in my wife an important support to achieve this goal.

Currently my wife and I have a weekly radio program called “Christians in Action” and we lead biblical teachings and preachings in our house on Wednesdays. We are sure that the Holy Spirit has instructed us to do it. This will be a support to develop and growth in the ministerial field. In the future through God´s will we would like to establish a place for Christian Education and other for helping people in drugs and those living on the streets.

I started this ministry training course because I want to be equipped for whatever the Lord wants me to do. I hope to go on at CLI despite it is in English (but this is a way to improve my English level). I thank God for technology mainly internet, for this online learning program, because I have not seen it in Spanish.  I mean the web site design, structure, CLI´s vision and curriculum.

My congregation is a small one and this gives me the opportunity to take part in the church activities. Sometimes I preach and teach in the local service and also there are some activities outside in the streets of the city. My wife does the same. That’s the reason I need this kind of training. It´s necessary to have the best tools we can, in order to expose the Gospel as we have been entrusted.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15)  My prayer is that I will be ready and equipped for whatever the Lord wants for me to do and that I will forever walk close to Him and be in His perfect Will.

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