Calling to Youth Ministry

My name is Daniel Walker, and I live in Texas City, Texas, with my wife, Amy. The tuition-free ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here) is a blessing. It is preparing me for my calling to Youth Ministry.

I’m originally from Lubbock, Texas. My family went to church almost every week. But, we didn’t get much more involved than that. Once I was old enough to attend the youth group, I asked constantly to attend youth events. While I did go forward in the first grade to dedicate my life to God, it wasn’t until Youth Camp before my 8th-grade year where I actually understood what it meant to be a follower of God. After that, I felt the presence of the Spirit in my life.

Calling To Youth Ministry

I am very passionate about Youth Ministry. It feels natural to me, and I feel my gifts of the Spirit (exhortation and shepherding) grow and flourish there. I first felt the calling to ministry during a college summer internship at my old church home. There the Spirit used me to lead six guys to Christ. It was an amazing moment. At camp, after lights out, the youth guys started asking questions and the answers coming out of my mouth were not my own. I was not aware of the impact those nights truly had until the drive home from the camp. The Youth pastor asked the guys what led to their decision for Christ, and the first guy to answer accredited it to something I had said in our talks. All glory to God!

In college, I was a member of Brothers Under Christ, BYX, at Texas State. There, I grew in accountability and fellowship. After leaving college without a degree, I joined Calvary Baptist Church in San Marcos, Texas. I was a youth volunteer and the ministry leader for the Landing, a youth recovery program through Celebrate Recovery. In the summer of 2019, I met my wife Amy and started a long-distance relationship that led to me leaving my church home.

Study At CLI For My Calling To Youth Ministry

After 17 years of volunteering in youth ministry, marriage relocated me. But, the Spirit has pulled me back to His calling on my life and confirmed it through my wife. Based on the desires placed on my heart, I strongly believe my calling is to be a Youth Pastor. I am eager to learn and gain the resources and credentials needed wherever God asks me to go next. I am so excited about the opportunities the Christian Leaders Institute gives me. I’ve been sharing it with those at my old church home and our new church home.