Golf Evangelism Course

Are you a Christian called to do ministry in your community? Are you a golfer, or do you want to learn how to play golf?  Do you want to integrate ministry with golfing? Are you looking for a golf evangelism course that will help you enjoy golf more and give you tips on ministering to others?

Golf has been gaining popularity as a pastime over the last century. For those with the interest and the opportunity to play golf, it can not only be relaxing and fun but an opportunity for ministry. 

Few games have the networking opportunity that golf affords for you to build relationships and share ministry when invited to do so.

Since a young age, Professors Henry Reyenga and Steve Elzinga have been golfers and have seen the fruits of golfing with others and the possibilities for ministry. They have seen how golf easily integrates with ministry to the community. They share the teaching that will make you more confident and competent in sharing your faith while you enjoy playing golf.

This tuition-free Golf Evangelism Course will also teach you how to golf or golf better. Professors Henry Reyenga and Steve Elzinga reviewed many golf materials on the internet. There are tens of thousands of free resources on learning golf! After careful consideration, they chose the Paul Wilson approach. He teaches golf at Bears Best in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This Golf Evangelism Course links to the YouTube Videos of Paul Wilson, who we believe teaches golf understandably. We recommend that you go through all the videos carefully to get a mental framework for making golf shots. Of course, if you already play golf, we recommend the same thing if you want to check out Wilson’s approach.

This Golfing Evangelism mini-course will be helpful if you are an active Christian, a volunteer, part-time, or full-time Christian leader in ministry.

Golf Evangelism Course Outcomes

  1. Learn the basic game of golf, the rules, and the etiquette.
  2. Learn the people-smart skills that will make golf fun for you and others.
  3. Gain valuable insight into how the game of golf has many interesting metaphors for ministry and evangelism.
  4. Learn about methods of evangelism that work well with the game of golf and the golfing community.
  5. Learn the basics of the golf swing.
  6. Get insights into swinging woods and irons.
  7. Develop more confidence in your short game and putting game.
  8. Learn how to overcome the common golf swing flaws.
  9. Learn how life and evangelism connect in a group of diverse people.

Christian Leaders Institute thanks Paul Wilson for his three decades of teaching golf. If you really advance in the game, we recommend getting more golfing assistance at the Paul Wilson golf website. Click here.


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