Biblical Chaplain Training

Never Dull at the Stulls

My name is John Stull. I am excited to get Biblical Chaplain training online at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free Bible and ministry training online, Click Here).

My Early Life

I grew up on a farm in the little town of Broadway, NJ, with four sisters and a brother. My brother was five years older than me. When he went into the service, it left me to work on the farm with my dad. I didn’t play any sports after school because I went right home to milk the cows. It gave me a good work ethic.

I had good Christian parents, who went to church and were a part of the different ministries. My father drove a school bus and also drove for the Sunday School. He was known as “The Candy Man” because he gave penny candy to the kids as they got on the bus to go home.

As a young boy, my dad showed me a picture of Jesus knocking on a door. He said, “Notice that there is no door knob on the outside. So, when Jesus knocks at your heart’s door, you have to open up your heart from the inside and invite Him into your life.” That was the day I invited Jesus into my life.

My father gave up the cows when I turned 18 and moved away. Then he gave up farming altogether. He donated land next to the farm so the church could build a new church. The church dedicated the back hall as Stull Hall.

New Beginnings

It hasn’t been an easy road. I drifted away from the church when I moved away. After three divorces, I turned my life back to the Lord. So, I married a Christian woman and thought she would last. Sadly, we separated and divorced.

Then, when I wasn’t expecting it, a new woman came to the church. We talked and I found out that she knew my whole family. She worked at a deli where my mom would buy scrapple. She also knew my dad as she had been on his school bus. Also, she knew my brother and his wife as she went to the same church as they did. So, it wasn’t until she came to the church I was attending that I fell in love with her. She fell in love with me first, but I didn’t know it.

My mother was a prayer warrior. It was because of her that I answered when the Lord was calling me back. She passed away on my birthday. So when I married my current wife, we married on my birthday.

Biblical Chaplain Training

The motorcycle group I ride with was looking for a Chaplain. So my wife said that I should be the Chaplain. She said that I have a pastoral gift. With her gift of discernment, she has more confidence in me than I have in myself.

However, I am trusting that God will lead me in this new ministry. I knew that I needed Biblical Chaplain training. God led me to the Christian Leaders Institute for free online Biblical ministry training. With God leading and the training at CLI, I can be confident in praying for people and sharing the gospel. May God use me to bring more people to the Kingdom. With these courses, I will have all the tools and the confidence to go “MAD” – Go “Make A Difference.”

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