Life Coach Calling Testimony

I Have a Testimony: A Life Coach Calling Testimony

Hello, my name is Tamara Carter.  My life coach calling testimony led me to the Christian Leaders Institute for free online ministry and life coaching courses and credentials (Learn more about free Bible and ministry training online, Click Here).

I am from the United States, born in West Virginia. Currently, I reside in Virginia. I grew up most of my adolescent years in Georgia, where I had a desire for God at a very young age. My aunt introduced me to church services. Through this experience, I started singing in the church youth choir and loved singing for many years afterward. I am the mother of five children and a grandmother to one grandson.

Early Years

In my youth, I was not introduced to what it meant to serve God by my parents. I knew my mother was a believer, but never attended church. My father never talked about the Lord, that I can remember. I always assumed that he was a believer because he grew up in a family of believers. My grandfather was a reverend, and my grandmother was an evangelist and an elder. My uncles, aunts, and cousins were all talented at music in the church. So, my father’s side was full of God-fearing Christians.

As a child, I remember clearly it was a summer day. In the area where we lived, this church was by itself at the edge of this huge parking lot. There were no other buildings around it, just a church all by itself. I remember often staring out of my parents’ bedroom window looking over at the church. I watched the members coming and going. That day, as my sister had come down to visit, we both decided to go visit that church on Sunday morning. I don’t remember much in between, but I do know that that was the first place I was baptized.

During my youth, I experienced a lot of hurt and pain. I lived at home as an only child in an environment filled with drugs, domestic abuse, infidelity, and adultery. Although I went through this, there is no doubt in my mind that my parents loved me. They were caught up in a lifestyle that prevented them from even noticing what was missing and what I needed. Sometimes, the beatings were so bad, that to this day, there is a particular scream that my mother had that I can’t forget.

Preparation for a Life Coach Calling Testimony

Around the age of 12, my father decided to move us back to West Virginia. My mother and I had hopes that this decision would make the family better. However, we had no idea of the trials lying ahead. My father left us and had a child with another woman. My mother got more into drugs, and I started selling drugs and hanging out with friends. I was partying and doing what I wanted to do at the age of 13. Eventually, I ran away from home to escape and got pregnant. My parents wanted me to abort my baby, but I had no thoughts of doing so. I birthed a beautiful baby girl.

As my life journey continued, I married at the age of 19 and gave birth to our daughter. This began a very dark time in my life where almost everything that my mother went through, I experienced. We had two children. Over the course of our marriage, we had very trying times. My husband was living an unhealthy lifestyle which led him to be incarcerated for a very long time. Later, I also found out about his adultery. After his incarceration, we divorced.

More Trials

Several years later, I entered into a new relationship. I spent 10 years with this man and had my last three children. During this time, I was beaten, raped, introduced to drugs, and saw no way out. I knew at this time that my only hope was in Jesus. So, I cried out to Him.

Initially, I began attending church while pregnant with our first child. Then, I stayed at the altar every Sunday and Wednesday seeking the Lord for deliverance from my addictions and my relationship. No matter how long it took, I was determined that I was not going to leave until the Lord blessed me and delivered me. I longed for that little girl in Georgia, staring out the window at a church and being baptized, to come back. Now, I know that through my trials, the Lord was preparing to use me. I am a testimony of His glory and His continual grace and mercy. It is a testimony that would help bring other women out of bondage and lead them to salvation.

There is Freedom In God

After being in the church and growing in my relationship with God, I knew I had a calling in my life. However, I had run from the calling that I deeply desired so many times. Regardless of how much I ran, the Lord found me and put it on my heart that much more. I always had a feeling that there was more purpose to my life. However, blinded by my unhealthy lifestyle, I was unaware of how much Jesus was already working on me and equipping me for such a time as this.

Filled with the Holy Spirit, I have been given dreams and visions and also been told by several leaders, that God had a calling on my life. I recall several prophetic dreams the Lord has given me. Driving home on the highway from work one evening, I was two red lights away from my exit. As I was driving, all of a sudden, I was in the Spirit going through a mountain with bright lights (there’s more to this). By the time I came to myself, I was at my exit. I had no idea how I made it there without crashing and woke up at the right exit. I stayed on a straight path the entire time. All I could do was break out in tears and continue my journey home. I had been with the Lord at that moment, and He was with me.

New Direction in the Lord

After my deliverance and giving my life to Christ, the Lord worked on me in a mighty way. Now, I see just how speedily he worked for me. In a few years, I had certifications, a degree, a new home and car, and promotions into positions that someone without a master’s degree would not get. The Lord was showing me His favor. The Lord also saw fit to restore broken relationships within my family and delivered my mother from her past lifestyle. My mother has now been walking with the Lord for over 18 years!

Since then, I have served in ministry leadership in my church, community, and my job. I helped with various events, served the less fortunate, assisted with prayer, and started several programs. I also served individuals with severe mental illness and substance use disorders in my work and brought many to the church.

As I continued on this journey, I found myself searching for the best job opportunity or degree-seeking investment. However, I found no satisfaction. Every time I tried to do something new, I had a burning desire to work in ministry. Exactly where in ministry I do not know, but I do know I am on my way to being used by God in a mighty way. It has been my prayer and desire to serve and glorify Him and for His glory to be revealed.

Study at CLI: Life Coach Calling Testimony

My spiritual dream is to lead others to Christ and to serve those less fortunate and those in drug addiction or domestic abuse. I want to testify of the goodness of God through my life coach ministry testimony. The free online ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute prepares me for my journey to become a successful life coach minister. I had a desire to do life coaching for a long time since working in the mental health field. When I found out that I could get both ministry training and life coaching credentials from CLI, I sought the opportunity. After taking my first class, I knew I made the right decision to be a part of this community.

I thank my Lord and Savior for everything He has done for me in my life. I thank Him for the trials, tribulations, and afflictions, past, present, and future. During those times, I learned to lean on God and been built up in my faith. I thank God for being an ever-present help in a time of need. Praise to God for being my foundation, my rock, my sword, and my shield.

Wherever this life coach calling testimony journey will lead me, I thank God in advance for His covering and His presence walking with me. I thank Him for allowing me to be in His presence. May I be fit to be used by Him to do His work here on this earth!

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