Hi, my name is Louis Neal McLaughlin and I am writing to you from Harford County, Maryland, about 35 miles North of Baltimore City. USA…

I received my calling in 2006 from whom I can only believe was an angel of God as he was in surgical garb. He comes to me with a clipboard and says he wants me to do three thing for him. Contact the first theological school I find in the phone book, gather my messy book of poems and contact a publisher in Frederick, and use my new skills.

This he would get me out of the hospital in 4 days and I would be back on solid food in 2 days.

The removed the large tumor, cut the colon in half and remove the bad part stitched me up After I got back into my room the Drs. said I was doing well and that I could probably go home in a few days if I can eat solids, on the third days I ate solids and was discharge on the fourth.

My poems were published and I enrolled in The Sure Foundation Theological Institute where I earned a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.

I have been in prayer the last six months on how I am suppose to use my skills when I had a dream I had had an opportunity to meet with some psychiatric patients at a local unit and they told me they never have Bible Studies or services. This holds true for some elderlies as well. Many wont even leave their homes.

My goal is to start a home or commons class and service center. I found that I could gather fiver or six people together in a resident at one time and share the Word there. I could meet at 2 or 3 places each week teaching Gods words and having a brief service.

I prayed for some help because of mammoth medical bills accrued from a fire-fighting accident I knew I would need help. God led me to this website. CLI is a good fit for this training because they can offer me the meat and potatoes of the Bible which I did not get in my Biblical Studies courses.

I know the Lord is not done with me yet, He wants me to take these skills as far I can go and I will pray fully go.


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