Pastor Barnabas McClint-Owei Ebiede – Nigeria

I was born 30th April 1981 in the beautiful city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. Nigeria is a beautiful place to do Ministry as the laws allow freedom of worship. Souls are won to Christ daily and lives are transformed in a continual basis by reason of the word of God that is shared through several media.

Though I was born into a Christian family I got born again at age 10 in 1991 during a fellowship with the Scripture Union in my Secondary school.

My passion is to reach young people for Christ and to help them through their walk with Christ, to guide them in the knowledge of the word of God and be their mentor, to raise mentors, build homes and reach the nations with the Gospel of Christ.

I am ordained a Pastor and have been functioning in that calling since then, but the more reason I see myself as a Pastor is because of my compassion towards all men and my desire to get people turned to Christ, my drive to always find a reason to help those in need and my pursuit to help others grow in the knowledge of the word of God. I love teaching the bible, its something I can’t seem to do without.

I was Ministered to by the Holy Spirit on several occasions yet I refused to yield, I even ran away from my former ministry because of the call to be a Pastor, but when several other ministers of the Gospel kept confirming this testimony I choose to yield to His call and function in Ministry.

In Nigeria running ministry is seemingly without challenges, except for financing as running ministry is quite costly here. In my specific location it is even moreso because of the cost of mobility, its predominantly riverine and the marine transportation is very expensive here. Get people to go on missions to these rural communities is quite challenging.

My local church has been very supportive since my ordination especially in prayers.

My family also have been very encouraging, bearing testimony of His grace and ministering to my needs. And also praying consistently for me.

I have a small start-up which is barely bring in anything at the moment and therefore cannot afford regular Bible School education like the one that CLI is offering, hence this scholarship is very important as it helps build my capacity to build others, and to grow a walk-with-God Church. I am grateful for what I have got from CLI, thank you very much and may the Lord bless you richly.

Please pray that the desire God has placed in our heart will grow and that He (God) will bring partners to help us move this Gospel to the ends of the earth, that His grace upon my life and ministry will continue to increase and that we will bare witness and be a testimony of His glory. Pray also that the eyes of our understanding in my ministry be enlightened daily to so we can feed His people with the sincere milk of the revelation word of God.

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