London Bible School Options for At Christian Leaders Institute

I was born 1969 in Ghana to a Ghanaian parents who were not so religious, living alone with my

sofos-picture-for-cliparents as the third child of theirs, I migrated a few years later at the age of 2 when my Mum and Dad separated, I started living with one of my Aunties, who took care of me as her own, though she wasn’t religious. As I started growing up, I made my own decision to attend any church I set my eyes on and made it a point to go to any church any one invited me to until I decided to attend a Pentecostal church. Attending revivals daily to play instruments for the various churches and helping them out was one of my hobbies, as I was gifted in that particular area, it was with this acts that I got to know more about God and how to serve me.

At the age of 7 I had a revelation about ministering overseas, London to be precise, but since I was very young I didn’t understand so I mentioned it to my Senior Pastor who explained that one day I may be a minister abroad, since then and years after I continued to have dreams of praying, evangelizing, preaching to people and winning souls for God.

As I grew up I had to fend for myself as I was raised from a broken home, I moved to a city called Accra in Ghana and struggling through life and doing all sorts of work as well as going to church as a normal Christian I had another revelation one day, finding myself at a really huge convention where coat hanged, all of a sudden I was wearing the coat and it seemed like I was the one to minister. It was after this revelation and what some ministers and pastors told me that I decided to do God’s work after the revelation and visitation of the Holy Spirit.

I was ushered into ministry by one of my head pastors who made me an overseer of one of his local churches lived a life of a training pastor and a leader until I met my wife and got married around 1996, not knowing that she was the one God was going to use to take me abroad .A year after with the help of my wife’s parent I travelled to the united kingdom. A few years after I got to London around October 2000, I used the trainee I got from my country and started a small ministry with about only three people, with the desire to win more lost souls for the Lord and sharing the Gospel, the members of my ministry increased gradually. Still counting, through thick and thin as well as progressive learning curves, I have been able to set up a church in London and two back in my country in Ghana by god’s grace.

My ministry goal is to expand God’s kingdom both here in London and in Ghana .casting my mind back unto how most of my family members didn’t know God ,I would like to spread the gospel by using every God given gift and talent as well as the help of my leaders. My ambition in life is to be used abundantly for the work of God and also be dead to self, looking unto Jesus alone the author and finisher of my faith .I am mostly identified as a pastor as I have been ordained and sometimes I see myself as a church planter as one of my aims in life and ministry is to plant as many churches as possible. Am in the process of planting three churches and still counting.

The experience in life that prompted me and encouraged me to pursue ministry was the encounter of the Holy Spirit as well as the revelations from pastors and men of God. Aside this I had nothing else to live for except God .With constant challenges like financial support and support from family members and some issues in life , it seemed difficult at first but the help of God ;I was able to pull through up until now. My wife and family have since then become a major pillar of support in my ministry as they encourage me daily to strive harder

A scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will provide me enough qualifications, motivation, support and knowledge needed to sustain a ministry. This bring me a London Bible School online.

Prayer is a key to unlocking the supernatural blessing God has in store for us .My prayer request is that the ministerial goal and dreams God has placed in our hearts will be achieved and we will fulfil the works of he who sent us .May God bless us all .Shalom.

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