Lagos Bible School CLI Student Ayodeji Aladenika

My name is Emmanuel Ayodeji Aladenika. I was born in 1972 to a Christian family. I am a chemical lagos bible schoolengineer and presently living in Lagos, Nigeria with my wife and sons. My late father was a pastor in the apostolic church. Being brought up in a godly home influenced me to develop good morals. I always hear the gospel but did not fully appreciate it. Later in my teenage years I felt Christianity was a bondage that prevented me from having fun, but good to help me get to heaven. I then decided to have a girlfriend to have fun like my other peers but was not fully happy.

I accepted the Lord as my savior after listening to my Dad at an evening family devotion in 1989 when I was deeply convicted of my sins. I later got baptized in water and Holy Spirit through my Dad ministration. Since then I became a lover of God and the hand of God has being upon me for good.

The Lord has being molding and using me to touch lives in diverse ways. I have being involved in youth fellowship leadership from my undergraduate days till now. Love intercessory and teaching ministry. I am an ordained elder in the apostolic church and sent by my church with two elders in 2009 to co-pastor a newly established assembly.

Churches are abundant in Lagos but many Christians have dual lifestyle – church & work. It my dream to influence believers to be practical Christians having the same lifestyle everywhere with the goal of pleasing our Lord and reaching out to the unsaved. I knew from my undergraduate days that I will pursue ministry for I derived great joy doing it and coupled with what the Lord revealed. I have being involved in part time ministry ever since.

There is bit of poverty around which sometimes makes Christians to compromise. I would have loved to be an employer of labour but the Lord is leading me to first eradicate spiritual poverty around. I finished a Lagos Bible school diploma in 2012 and needed to pursue further education in the ministry. I obtained a new  Bible school form but opted out since it was not a Lagos Bible school location, it will be difficult to combine with my secular job. A scholarship with CLI will help me to study the bible courses no matter where I am.

The apostolic church has offered me opportunity to minister to the youth in my denomination.

My wife has being very supportive – she is a teacher in children evangelism unit of my church. God has used my father to build me up spiritually- he went to be with the Lord last year. I sensed a calling to go full time. I need your prayers as i proceed further to fulfill the Lord’s will for my life.

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