Florida Ministry – Helping Kurt Van Drie Deliver Biblical Teachings

My name is Kurt Van Drie. My wife and I live in Yulee, Florida, north of Jacksonville, in the United florida ministry trainingStates of America. This area has many Christian churches but we see that some are straying away from preaching the Gospel and just telling people what they want to hear. The challenge is to bring people back to Biblical teachings.

I was raised by loving Christian parents who provided me with a Catholic education. However, I walked away from the Lord for a number of years and didn’t turn back to him until I had made a mess of my life. At the low point of that period, I turned to the Lord and admitted my failures and ineptness. I accepted Jesus as my Savior. He then blessed me with people and a church to guide me so I could begin to know Him more and more.

My wife and I are feeling called to minister to those who may know Jesus but for whatever reason do not attend a church. We are providing worship and prayer services in our current business location. After we retire in a few years, we will be traveling and would like to hold services in campgrounds that we will be staying in.

I believe that God is calling me to be first an Evangelist and then pastor as opportunities arise. I am very excited to see how His calling leads me!

I was drawn to tell people of the Good News of the Gospel as a result of working on the Outreach Team at our church and also having received a challenge to use our gifts to serve the Lord from a pastor while visiting a church in Apalachicola, Fl. I was further inspired after seeing a small part in the movie “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry”. The lead character, Jonathan asks his youthful Bible Study students to listen to the graves in a cemetery. When they tell him that they don’t hear anything, he leans over the students and whispers, “Why didn’t anyone tell me of the Gospel?”. He was speaking as those in the grave who never had a friend or relative tell them about Jesus. It was at that moment that my wife and I realized God’s calling. I was blessed with the opportunity to give a short message to both churches. The Holy Spirit has encouraged me to carry it forward ever since.

The geographical area we live in does not provide any unique challenges. However, I feel the challenge we face is this: Jesus calls to all of us in the Great Commission (Matt 28) to go to all nations; we then need to realize that each of us has a ‘nation’ wherever we are. Florida ministry is needed! We do not have to go overseas to be a missionary. We have the ‘nation’ of our family, our co-workers, our neighbors and even those who sit next to us in our church each Sunday. We must be sure that EVERYONE has the opportunity to hear of the Gospel of our Savior! We plant the seed, and let the Holy Spirit takes it from there.

Our local church and pastor have been extremely supportive and he is mentoring me for Florida ministry opportunities. A year and a half ago, we moved to this area but keep in touch with our former church. They have also been very supportive with prayer and encouragement. We are blessed!

My wife has been very strong in helping me focus on God’s calling. The rest of my family is also supportive. They have been part of that ‘nation’ mentioned earlier.

A scholarship to CLI would mean so much, as it would allow me to obtain the Bible School/Seminary training that I could not afford any other way. The focus of CLI seems to lineup directly with my understanding of faith. I am hopeful for the scholarship to further my knowledge which will bring new confidence and opportunities to talk to people about Christ. I am excited about the Florida ministry I am called to do!

Please pray for us to see clearly how the Lord is leading us. Pray also that His light will shine through us and all who proclaim the Gospel throughout the world so that many more may be saved by His grace. May God bless each of you as your read this and carry the Gospel out in to the world as the Holy Spirit leads.

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