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I was born 1972 at a place called Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa) Life in Soweto was not smooth. Most young man have to fend for them selves. The free South African Bible Schoolpolitical atmosphere was tense. It was the survival of the fittest. I grow up under my grandmothers care, since my mom got married after she parted ways with my father.  She started her life without me.  I stayed with my grandma and cousins. When my grandma died, life changed and I started smoking and drinking at the age of 13yrs. I felt unwanted at home so I drop out of school and wherever I laid my head that was my home. My mom came back two yrs later and she brought me home to in Voslooru in 1988.

I was still trapped in Soweto life style of drinking, smoking and womanizing. Three years later,  I went back to school and I met my wife and she she became pregnant.  I matriculated in 1994 and 1995, I started working but still trapped in my old ways. I bought a house by then I had three children 2002 we were pregnant again. I was still living my Soweto lifestyle. My wife got born again in 2000, she started praying me for me and everything I used. I am talking about my cloths, shoes, beers, smokes, my car and everything. I was starting to hate myself and the way I lived One day in 2003, I started crying like a baby asking God why do live like this?

I want my life to change and God to be part of it. A few weeks later, one sunday I just woke up and went to church. Since that day I never smoked again or drink again. I started working very hard at church even my wife started complaining about the time I spent at church. I guess she was thinking that I am up to my old trick again. A few months down the line the pastor invited me to the committee meeting and I was ask to join the organizing committee. It was not long I was ask take the offerings then one thing led to another and I was preaching on sunday and when we have gatherings by 2010.

I was called to do more for God. I was ordained for ministry in 2011. I am now preaching full-time. A church member showed me Christian Leaders Institute, this free South African Bible school online. Now I can get a knowledgeable ministry training. God answered my prayers. I have very little and I want to be used by God to raise up more leaders to advance the kingdom. The World needs institutions like CLI  to where the ministry training is free so that more Christian Leaders can be trained to reach the lost, minister to the poor, bring recovery of sight to the bring and declare the year of the Lord.  I used to say, the sky is the limit. Now I say, heaven is the limit!

Note: This Free South African Bible School now has thousands of students enrolled from South Africa.


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