My name is Paige Tuggle and I am from the United States. I live in the state of Georgia. My story starts with a solid christian family upbringing, My grandfather was a Baptist Preacher and I started attending church at a very young age. As I grew up my family continued with our church attendance as well as being very active within the church community.

Along the way I can only guess that when I was 6, I never recovered from the abandonment of my father. I only am able to see that now with the recent trials and tribulations I have walked. I will jump past my first marriage to the birth of my first son who I was not blessed with until after 10 years of praying for, After his birth I was so happy and in awe that when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that I thought God had a twisted sense of humor. I was devastated but was firm within my faith that God would heal him.

After 2 years and 3 months of a race fought, John-John passed away. I turned to God and did what I only knew to do at that time. I told God that he had to give me space hat I was mad at him and had to deal with it on my own. I promised him that my belief was still there and that I just could not understand ‘why’.

Now 16 years later I find myself with the knowledge and understanding that I wish I had not been so hard headed back then. Praise God that he never gives up on us. Now here comes the sad part to moving away from God can impact our lives. I now finally have received my calling that I believe he tried to show me so many years ago, but I being the hard headed child of God that I am had to endure a lot of mistakes, but I am beyond words as to the thanks and glory to God that I have today.

I had been mixed up for the last 2 years with legal issues due to drugs illegal and legal. I, at the age of 45 was introduced to illegal drugs and started to self medicate myself to protect myself from the pain. I ended up in jail, a place that I never imagined to find myself. I let down my family my son who I had after John-John. I was so ashamed of what I had done that when I receieved a blessing I was still so confused that I ran to the same people who turned me on to this drug for what I mistaken for Love and Acceptance.

Oh, if I had only had turned to my Father for his unconditional love, my story might end there. Instead I ended up in trouble even worse this time and thought I had finally done it. NO WHERE TO TURN…… But, finally I realized that I had been turning to the wrong sources for my desperate need for love and acceptance. God, finally opened my eyes to a brand new him.

I thought that with my upbringing that I knew God, but was soon to realize that I had only been able to talk about God but now I really knew him. Glory be to God,,,,,, I still am in the battle with the legal system but due to my new found relationship with God and my faith, I know all will be resolved.

I can’t begin to explain all that he has done for me within the last year I am so thankful to him that he is a God of Mercy and Grace. I have a strong desire to now start some type of ministry to help others who are in or have been in situation as me, so that can see what turning our lives completely over to God can do.

I am waiting on clarity as to his will for what direction he wants me to take. At this point in my life the opportunity for a scholarship is just another blessing from him to show me that I am walking in his path. Due to my circumstances financially I struggle with having rent but still keep faith and he has proved for me. I truly am so thankful to him for my new lease on life and his love.Please pray for my clarity, wisdom and knowledge as to what path he wants me to take. Please pray that my legal battles will come out in my favor and that it’s God’s will that I remain free on the outside. I want to serve him so badly that at times I actually hurt in my heart with a desperation. Thanks and God Bless all who make this program available to so many future warriors for God.

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