discerning the call

Discerning The Call – A journey to find out how to Serve the Lord

Hello, My name is Jacob Petrikat from Austin Tx, USA. I am truly blessed to be able to worship and discerning the callstudy our God with such freedom as we do. I know sometimes I take this freedom for granted.

I came to know the Lord about 3 years ago by tagging along to church with my ex-girlfriend. She was serving with the kids and at alter call, I gave my life to the Lord. I have slipped and fallen off the path for a bit but by God’s grace, I am seeking Him again and now discerning the call into ministry.

As far as my ministry dream, I know I want to help and counsel other people and couples. I know I want to walk the Christian walk and give all the glory to God.   I’m not sure if I am called to be a pastor yet. I am discerning the call right now as I study at Christian Leaders Institute. I was looking and looking at for bible colleges about a month ago for a good week and never came across this one. I prayed for guidance and I felt the Holy Spirit telling me it wasn’t the right time for me to pursue that yet as I was going through a divorce at the time. A few weeks after the divorce was final, I suddenly awakened at 3:00am and started looking again for bible colleges and found this free high quality Bible College online and it felt right. Really, all I know is God has put it in my heart to take these classes and I’m just be obedient and have no expectations on where I’m being led to.

Right now I see myself as a small group leader but I know with God, I can be a Evangelist, Youth Leader, Church Planter and a Pastor. I am truly discerning the call right now. I’m pretty open right now as far as where this is going to take me.

I thought about pursuing ministry before I got married but for some reason I thought it was a good idea to take a break from serving and really having to do anything with the church except attend but after being divorced soon afterwards, I know this the direction I need to go. This broken experience has drawn me to God!

A unique challenge I have in my area is the many people who are into the New Age way of thinking which I actually was in for a short time years ago. A lot of yoga studios are around here which isn’t bad for exercise purposes but they also teach Hinduism and other religions.

My local church has been tremendous in my ministry calling to discern the call to serve the Lord. One of the Pastors has volunteered to be my mentor and basically I can serve where I want and learn as much as I have time to.

My parents are very supported of my calling into ministry. I am very blessed to have the parents that I do.

This free Bible School online is crucial to to my ministry dreams because it allows me to study from home.  Because it is free, I can afford to take classes of this caliber and begin my ministry training journey now without debt!

Please pray that God help me in discerning the call into ministry.  I want God to work in me and transform my heart and that He reveals His purpose for me in ministry.

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