South African Christian Leaders

South African Ministry Leaders

Christian Leaders are taking free Biblical Christian courses at Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders Institute began offering free ministry training courses in South Africa around 2012. Since that time, thousands have signed up to explore whether ministry training was right for them. In 2019, over three thousand South Africans signed up to begin free ministry training. Beginning in 2020, over 1500 Christian Leaders have graduated from various levels of ministry training. See Global Directory: South Africa

Ordination in South Africa

The South African public has expectations for ordained Christian Leaders. The Christian Leaders Alliance has ordained over 125 Christian Leaders in South Africa. These leaders are listed in the global Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.

What are some of their expectations? They want their ministry leaders who are ordained to commit to a Study program that includes completing ministry training classes and steps of ordination certification.

At Christian Leaders Alliance, Ministry leaders must submit to a process that includes training, mentors, and recommendations.

Christian Leaders Conferences 2020

Supporting South African Christian Leaders in their pursuit of high-quality college-level ministry classes and Christian Leaders Alliance ordinations, conferences were held throughout South Africa in January 2020.

The First Conference was held on January 9, 2020, at Pretoria, South Africa.

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Calixte Jesutola Fadeyi

Calixte Jesutola Fadeyi Gets Free Ministry Training Online

Calixte Jesutola Fadeyi of South Africa was able to pursue his calling as a preacher and leader of the church despite not having the finances needed to attend a traditional seminary. He was able to receive training that was much needed in order…
Brian Govender

Brian Govender of South Africa - Featured Student of the Day

Christian Leaders Institute has many students in the country of South Africa. Because our online bible school is free and doesn't require textbooks, English-speaking people in South Africa are able to obtain our training without having to relocate,…
Prison Ministry Training

Prison Ministry Training - Grant Muhl of South Africa

Prison Ministry Training - Christian Leaders Institute is reaching out to those bi-vocational ministry leaders who have a passion to receive prison ministry training. Prison ministry training is not that different from traditional ministry…
Prison Ministry Training

Praying for Revival in South Africa

At Christian Leaders Institute, students are asked at the end of some classes to submit a final reflection paper. Sometimes the courses offered at CLI impact students in amazing ways. One such student was David James, who wrote of his experience…
Prison Ministry Training

Lee-ann Koster -Reflects on Missions and Revivals

The Bible school class Missions and Revivals gave Lee-ann Koster a new drive for the spirit of God. The impact of this class, offered at the Christian Leaders Institute Bible school, is clear in her reflection paper. She writes, "The people…
Prison Ministry Training

Edwin Bezuidenhout of South Africa - Christian Basics Graduate of the Day

Edwin Bezuidenhout - "My name is Edwin Bezuidenhout, I am a 45 year old South African of Dutch descent, living in Munster on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal. "I was raised and grew up attending a Dutch Reformed Church, and therefore have…
Prison Ministry Training

Peter Mulunda of South Africa - Christian Basics Graduate of the Day

Peter Mulunda - "Hi my name is Peter Mulunda. I am currently living in South Africa, but am originally Zambian. I came to South Africa in 2005 and have been living here since then. "South Africa is a beautiful country, apart from its beauty,…
Prison Ministry Training

Lizette van der Linden of South Africa - Christian Basics Graduate of the Day

Lizette van der Linden - "I am currently living in South Africa and have been doing ministry here for 13 years except for the 3 years I have had the honor to live and work in Malta. "South Africa has it's own set of challenges , we do…
Prison Ministry Training

Robert Green of South Africa - Christian Basics Graduate of the Day

Robert Green - "Hi my name is Robert Green. I am from South Africa. All religions are tolerated although not equally represented. The vast majority of citizens have cultural beliefs that are non-christian. Due to the legacy of apartheid…
Prison Ministry Training

Tinus Willemse of South Africa - Christian Basics Graduate of the Day

Tinus Willemse - "I live in South Africa, and I am proudly South African. Our challenge is the transition from apartheid to our new democracy, and sadly our Government still blames apartheid for their current failures after almost 20…
Prison Ministry Training

Mission South Africa - Thembelihle Grasia Keele

Mission South Africa: Thembelihle believes in the cause for mission South Africa. She start by sharing about the tremendous need for mission South Africa. "Greetings brethren in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus…
Prison Ministry Training

United Assemblies Church Naboth Machadu of South Africa

United Assemblies Church: Naboth Machadu is the founder of the United Assemblies Church. He starts by giving some background on the United Assemblies Church. "Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a Zimbabwean…
Prison Ministry Training

Mission South Africa: Thabo Jacob Keele

Mission South Africa: South Africa student Rev. Thabo Keele ministers in a land where Christianity is the majority faith. In fact, mission South Africa is helped by the fact that the constitution of South Africa allows for the freedom…