Peter Mulunda –

“Hi my name is Peter Mulunda. I am currently living in South Africa, but am originally Zambian. I came to South Africa in 2005 and have been living here since then.

“South Africa is a beautiful country, apart from its beauty, South Africa boasts of  a rich mixed culture. South Africa is considered a melting pot for Africa. It’s like the whole world is down here, south. This makes it the most ideal place for ministry. South Africa was one of the least evangelized in Africa. Not until in recent years have we seen in South African coming to the Lord. South Africa is ripe for the Gospel. Depending on which part of the country you are living in, there are some challenges. Some of the most common ones are ancestral worship, illiteracy, and alcohol consumption for both young and old.

“I came to the Lord in 1990 at a crusade in Lusaka Zambia. My friends and I were hanging out, we happened to be near to a place where there was a crusade taking place. We made our way there and got touched by the word and received the Lord as my personal savior. But after a period of one year, I went back to my old life style. It was not until 1995 that I rededicated my life to the Lord at a church called Maranatha in Kitwe, Zambia. Since then I have been walking steadily with the Lord.

“My dream is to one day to plant an inter-denomination church were all people from all races are welcome. I want to work with people from all back grounds and different races. My goal is to be missions orientated. I have a passion for missions and church planting though I personally have not planted a church before, but I know that I will raise up church planters. I have been part of a church plant under my current pastor.

“I see myself to be more of a pastor; I believe I have a gift for teaching. I love to teach the word of God. I love reading and teaching the things I read. I have since concentrated my efforts on teaching.

“I never saw myself in ministry; it was not until I noticed that people began to refer to me as pastor. I began to receive prophecies pointing me to the ministry. I knew that time to prepare myself had come.

“The challenges that we face geographically are: we leave in an area were it is just practically difficult reach out to people. The suburbs are characterized by high security wall fences making it difficult to make friend or actually see neighbors. These are particularly white dominated areas. We try to leave pamphlets in the mail boxes, I must admit that it has proven to be a daunting task.

“My Pastor and the church at large have been very supportive of my ministry calling in a lot of ways. One of the ways has been that my pastor has allowed me to preach in Sunday services, conduct holy communion, and lead prayer meetings. I have received some moral support as well. I have no doubt that the church has been praying for me as well.

“The role my family has plays in supporting me is just the encouragement from my wife,  especially during the time I take way from our family time to be studying or doing something ministry related. The prayers from my wife and daughter give me strength to pursue my dream.”

Peter Mulunda Receives a Scholarship

“The scholarship at CLI will help in a great way. It will help me launch out. It will help us prepare for what is ahead of us in ministry in terms of knowledge.

“Pray for us for grace to launch out at the right time and God’s wisdom in all this. God bless.”

Peter Mulunda is a called pastor who has set his heart on the ministry of the Lord. In South Africa, called pastors like Peter Mulunda face ministry challenges including physical barriers such as high fences in addition to the modern societal sins like alcoholism and consumerism. Despite this, Peter Mulunda trusts that God will bless and provide for his ministry as a called pastor. In pursuing his ministry as a called pastor, Peter Mulunda has been led to Christian Leaders Institute, where he can get the high quality courses that will give a called pastor a greater knowledge base from which to preach the word of God.

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