Genenia Williamson –

“First, I would like to thank you in advance for taking time out of your day to allow me to share my story and how Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing and so beneficial to the growth of God’s Kingdom.

“I currently live in the United States and doing ministry here is like a dream come true.  There is freedom to proclaim and share the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  I came to know The Lord as a young girl.  It was important to my father that I learn about God’s love and that I accept His gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

“My ministry dream is to glorify God by demonstrating Christian living and ministering to youth, to help them to know so they can grow in God’s great Kingdom.  Youth Leader are the words that I identify the most with because I love youth and I think it is very important to teach and share God’s truths because it can help influence the choices they make in the future.  My experience serving at my local church in the Sunday School and Children’s Church departments allow me to let God use me as an instrument as He develops my gift in teaching.

“An unique challenge in my geographic allows same sex marriages.

“My local church is supporting my ministry calling by allowing my husband and I to be the leaders of the Children’s Church department.  My family’s role in my ministry calling is very supportive and they are willing to pray with me, pray for me, study God’s word with me, encourage me, and help honor and glorify God.”Genenia Williamson

Genenia Williamson Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute is so important to my ministry dream because it will help me to learn more about God’s word and equip me with gainful knowledge that will make me more confident in what I will share about God and why I share it.  It will allow me to help grow God’s Kingdom.

“Please pray that God’s will be done through this ministry, souls will be saved, and Christian living will occur as a result of this ministry, and ultimately that God gets all the glory forever.  Amen.”

Genenia Williamson grew up knowing the Lord because the knowledge of God and His salvation were very important to her father. With this strong example in her life, Genenia Williamson is turning to her own ministry calling. In an day and age where same-sex marriage is promoted by the secular culture, Genenia Williamson lives in an area where it has already gained acceptance. Genenia Williamson recognizes that in such a culture it is important now more than ever to instruct our youth in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. With this in mind, Genenia Williamson seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that she can be better equipped to provide this instruction.

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