Philip Walters Tanyi –

“I live in Cameroon, a sub Saharan country in Africa, having English and French as official languages. Ministry in this country is interesting in some points and challenging in others. Interesting in that there is a lot to be done in terms of reaching the unreached and if one has the urgency in their soul to reach people, they can really reach as many as possible. Challenging because of the cultural dynamics of the country and their little gods that they worship, which lays down a huge gap in trying to convey the gospel message.

“I came to know God when I was twelve at school. The message I received from a classmate was life changing and I took it upon myself to serve God but the challenges of life and persecution from parents kept me away from Christ after knowing him for a few years. I went back into the world and was captured for repentance by God when at university, now I serve God with my hold family.

“I haven’t really dreamed of serving God as a Leader, but God called me a while ago to serve as a pastor. I really wanted to be sure it was Him, not just me trying to scheme up something for myself or the God of the Bible.

“Our ministry, ‘the light of God Ministry,’ is growing and needs leaders who are well grounded in the knowledge and things of God and I can’t resist the call of God for my life forever.

“Cultural division concerning what the bible teaches and what the people here are used to is the primary obstacle to our ministry.”

Philip Walters Tanyi Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship with CLI will be an amazing opportunity to help me cultivate a knowledge and spiritually based understanding in the things of God for the enriching of my life and the lives of those whom God will permit me minister to.

“Above all, pray that the word of God reaches the people of God as He sees it fit, even through me.”

Philip Walters Tanyi was called by God to serve as a pastor in Cameroon. In this country, Philip Walters Tanyi faces cultural challenges such as false gods and traditions. However, Philip Walters Tanyi is confident that with the help of the Almighty God who called him, he can overcome these barriers. To more effectively live out his calling, Philip Walters Tanyi is seeking a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute, where he can grow in the knowledge of the word of God.

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