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Free Internet Ministry Classes Right Up There With Other Seminary Colleges

Ministry training offered at seminaries and Bible colleges is usually costly. Christian Leaders Institute offers ministry training using the internet. Christian Leaders Institute provides high quality free internet ministry classes which includes courses like Old Testament and New Testament Survey. CLI brings over 22 (and currently now more) advanced free internet ministry classes to those called into ministry around the world.

Free Internet Ministry Classes In South Africa And Around The World

My name is Thinus Pretorius and I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I was raised in a Christian home and attended church frequently. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 16. I was called for full time ministry, but became sidetracked when I went for compulsory military training. I went to church frequently and I worked myself up to high “ranks” in the church. It was important for me to get “somewhere.” Sadly, I was not in a genuine relationship with the Lord, nor did I make any place for the Holy Spirit in my life.

Some twelve years ago, I had an encounter with the Lord that changed my whole life. I started going to another church denomination. Through teaching and spending time with the Lord, I started a relationship with Him that not only changed me, but also my family. I had a good work but the Holy Spirit rekindled the fire in me for full time ministry. I went to the Lord and committed my life to Him. I was retrenched 4 days after that, and I started a life dependent on the Lord for everything I need in my life.

A few years ago I was ordained in Ministry. I do not have a congregation, but the Lord opens doors for me to minister to throughout the country of South Africa and also a few times in other countries in the world. God gave me a passion for people and allows me to preach His word to them and to be part of His healing to so many people walking around helplessly! It is always amazing to me to see people changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

A friend of mine directed me to the website of Christian Leaders Institute. I just knew I had to do further studies and equip myself further.
I believe the courses introduced by CLI will help me gain a deeper knowledge of the Word of God and His plan for restoration and healing of people. I believe that spiritual leaders are prepared to be part of God’s plan for the restoration and healing of our country and its people.

I am married to a wonderful wife who shares my passion for God’s work. Our desire is to see all who cross our path be drawn into a closer relationship with God. Our vision is to reach people, leading them to a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to see individuals heal emotionally as they grow in faith toward God and in the knowledge of His Word, to equip Christians for works of service, encouraging spiritual growth and helping them to recognize and develop their God-given gifts through the teaching of the Bible, the ministry of the Holy Spirit and worship.

Begin Your Free Internet Ministry Classes Today!!

Click here to gain access to receive your free internet ministry classes in ministry training with CLI! With our high quality classes, you will find yourself well equipped to discover where God is placing you in ministry! Also, check us out on Facebook for more inspirational stories.

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