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Leading Others to Christ, From the Youth to the Prison Gates

As Christian leaders, we are dedicated to our Lord in serving Him fully. We struggle, we fall. We strive, and we get back up again. Our own walk is essential in being examples to others, especially children. The little hands and feet of our children watch us the closest. They mimic what they hear and see. They become little “me’s.” Their little itching ears are ready to absorb whatever information you give them. So why not give them Jesus? Why not bring up our little ones to know that we do not mistreat human beings?

Not all children are consumed by the power of love. We grow up bitter, resentful, angry, and eventually just numb from it all. There was no childhood of growing into a relationship with Jesus, with God. And with the hurts in our lives from birth to current age, without knowing God, we become easily misguided by the world. The world tries to solve our brokenness, but nothing works. It may relieve temporary sadness, but the truth is, only God can take our pain fully and give us rest from sorrow. Jesus heals and more than just sicknesses. Our pain is not too much for God to handle.

With a national overcrowding of American citizens caught up in the jails and prison institutions, it is easy to see that many people are broken and misguided by the world. Let us have deep compassion for even those who are behind bars. Let us bring them the truth of a God who loves them. Let us give them hope as they find that God used a man named Moses who was a murderer. No matter what a person has done, God is willing to forgive them and call them son or daughter.

From the Prison Gates to the Church to CLI’s Free Bible College

My name is Debra Arnett and I am blessed to live in the United States Of America, where I am free to share the gospel and minister to others. I am a mother of 3 step children and a daughter of my own and have been married for 8 years.

I was not exactly raised in church but I was taught enough and attended enough that I knew the basics of God, Jesus, the Bible, Sin and Salvation. A seed was planted and I remember having a deep desire for the Lord and I know that I knew I had a calling at the age of 13. I never understood why, no matter how much I WANTED to do what I knew in my heart was right, I continued to live a life that was not of God.

I was in and out of Juvenile centers from 13 to 16 years old and then I became a drug addict at 16. At 17, I committed a crime that sent me to prison for 12 years. It was after years of rebelling, fighting, attempting suicide and running that I was so broken and alone in a prison cell that I finally began to call on God and truly repent and became saved. I spent 4 months doing nothing but praying,reading,and searching God’s word as well as my own life, heart and spirit. I became happier right there, IN PRISON than I had ever been! I got out in 2006 and met my husband and married. Had my daughter in 2007 and I fell off my path and abandoned my Christianity. It was not until 2013 that I repented once again and began to search for God’s plan for my life. It was through AA that I reached out to God again, I had become an alcoholic!

Today, I am where God has led me to be and am involved with a ministry group that is church planting and I am living the life I was created to have and live. My ministry dream has always been to minister to and help troubled youth and kids that are now on the path I once was or who lived the childhood I lived and need to be ministered to or to those who simply have no spiritual guidance.

CLI’s free bible college is so utterly important to me at this point in my life because God has led me away from my home state, my friends and my family to a place we knew no one, a place where I have been humbled through the loss of worldly possessions and money. So, at this time, the time I have been called to begin my journey in ministry, I have no resources to pay for the training needed to fulfill my calling. I know this is going to change soon and, to me, that is the most amazing thing about a free bible college like CLI, that you can get the training needed even while you cannot afford it and can later give to continue the blessings and pass them on to others.

My only prayer request is that I continue to grow and understand more and more the exact nature of my calling into youth ministry as well as the desire I feel to also do prison ministry. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I pray that each and every person who donates to support this program knows that they are not just giving money but are truly changing lives that otherwise may never have been changed!

Christian Leaders Institute’s Free Bible College

If you are seeking to begin ministry training like Debra Arnett, join us at CLI’s free bible college to begin your online classes! All of our courses are online with full study materials and quizzes. All provided to our students for free!! Click here to enroll today! Become a Christian leader! Check out our Facebook page to like and share our stories with your friends and family.

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