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Ministry Training Online To Plant Future Churches

What is church planting? Church planting is a process that results in a new, local Christian church being established. With ministry training online, future Christian leaders are equipped to be involved in this process. For a local church to be planted, it must eventually have a separate life of its own and be able to function without its parent body, even if it continues to stay in a denominational relationship or through being part of a network. Leaders are seeking out ministry training online to not only plant future churches, but to also be a part of other ministerial works. From youth leader to pastor, evangelist to church planter, ministry training online will help you achieve your ministerial dreams! 

Read the story of one CLI student as she is doing so much right now while receiving ministry training online and one day will plant a church!

Ministry Training Online To Fulfill Many Ministerial Dreams

My name is Ashley Benz and I am currently living in the United States of America. I am a youth leader at my local church and an aspiring pastor. Ministry in the United States is very different from other places in the world. Here, people are more open about their faith or beliefs whether they are Christian or not. Doing ministry in the United States is a great opportunity because you can have the privilege of meeting and evangelizing to different races of people from all walks of life. Living in Hawaii, the geography creates a different dynamic than most people are used to. The challenges of Hawaii include distance (making sure churches are easily accessible to everyone) and church culture (establishing a family dynamic). I have enrolled in the Christian Leadership Institute so that I may further my knowledge and understanding of God and ministry and be able to transform the world for Jesus.

I came to know the Lord through my parents at a young age. I accepted Jesus, on my own, when I was four years old. I have attended church for my entire life. My accepting Jesus at such a young age, I came to grow up in the church. Eventually, my walk with Jesus grew stale and I found myself going to church for the sake of the people there and not so much for my relationship with God. However, in 7th and 8th grade, I entered into youth ministry at my church and my entire view of Jesus changed. I started to really read my Bible, raise my hands in worship, pray, and seek out spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit. Since falling in love fully with Jesus, my relationship with Him has taken me to new heights and has allowed me to do so much more then I ever could without Him. My experience of meeting with Jesus in youth ministry prompted my decision to become a youth leader. I have been a youth leader for five years and I can identify with the words youth leader and pastor and church planter because a youth leader is what I am, a pastor is what I want to be, and I would like to plant a church or help plant a church someday.

My ministry dream is to one day leave my local church and branch off to start a church with some of my close friends and mentors that have the same heart and call as me. I hope to establish a church to be named New Life Church in Spokane, Washington. I aspire to create a church culture that thrives and attracts people from all walks of life to experience Jesus in a real, engaging, encouraging way. I also desire to start a halfway house were victims of human trafficking can receive healthcare, therapy, and the good news of Jesus. My local church has helped me in this calling by allowing me to connect with people who have the same dreams as I do and by equipping me to serve people and by allowing me to strengthen my walk and love with Jesus. My family has also supported my dreams, by allowing me to freely learn and devote time to the call that I believe God has placed on my life and by praying for me and encouraging me.

Please pray that, when the time comes, the appropriate funds would be given to start a church and that my church would have grace on me as a leader and that they would continue to support me and give me more opportunities to serve. Please pray that God would supply me with finances for living and for being in ministry, as well as, that I can be a good small groups leader for the students in my care.

Ministry Training Online With Christian Leaders Institute

CLI’s ministry training online provides students with high quality education with all of our courses being absolutely free! No catch! Just free! Click here if you would like to receive free ministry training online! No one is turned down. If you would like to read more stories and news about CLI and our students, check us out on Facebook! Like and share with your friends and family! God bless.

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