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Living as a Christian in a non-Christian world can be challenging at times. We face many oppositions and spiritual disadvantages all over the world. Some are faced with imprisonment and death. Some face the challenges of not being able to publicly profess their faith in Christ. Children are even encountering persecution of the world in their own public school amongst teachers and classmates. Parents are called if their child is seen reading a bible or speaking to others about Jesus. Prayer outside the church is not allowed. The list of spiritual disadvantages that Christians face all around the world can go on and on.

As Christian leaders we must be equipped for such spiritual battles. To be encouraged by the Word of God in facing persecution. A necessary tool of knowledge to endure and keep going for the works the Lord has given and entrusted us with. With CLI free online ministry training, graduates will learn of ways to handle the spiritual disadvantages in our local area. What Jesus went through is nothing compared to our sufferings. Jesus has already showed us our worth to him. So in return, to spread the gospel, He too is worth it all.

Bill Dayton Prepares With CLI Free Online Ministry Training

Hello and may the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you! My name is Bill Dayton, and I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in the United States. I come from a Jewish family, who were forced to flee Belarus under the cover of night after my Great-grandfather (the head rabbi in Minsk) was murdered in front of his congregation on the steps of his temple. They set his beard on fire in order to make an example of him.

As a young man, I was forged in the fires of Torah and Messianic prophecy. Though I belonged to a religion, I couldn’t get on board with a God that would have allowed such awful things to happen to people that dedicated their lives to Him. I believed in God, but I decided that I would take the ammunition of His Word and make it work against Him. I would actively argue people out of their faith, arguing Messianic scripture with Christians, “disproving” that He could be the Christ. This has weighed on me heavily since I was brought into the fold of Christ.

You see, one day, I met my match in the form of a French pastor named Olivier. This man was absolutely consumed by the Word and on fire with the Holy Spirit. Every argument I would make against Christ would be dismantled in short order. Soon, he was using my own Tanakh against me. Psalm 22. Isaiah 53. The more I searched for a way to disprove Christ, the more I realized that it was impossible. He was the Messiah. He was the Son of God. And I knew that I had made a fatal choice. I needed to change. And the Holy Spirit blasted through me, as I dropped to my knees and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. This was the key turning point in my life.

I currently live in the United States, and I feel that people who live here are at a serious spiritual disadvantage. We are in a place where we don’t need to rely on God. We are rich beyond our wildest dreams…and many of us don’t even realize it. With that said, to minister to Americans in a way that moves them to live in a fashion in line with that of Biblical expectation is often times like pulling teeth. Why give up everything when all they have to do is believe in Jesus in order to be saved? I would reply that the Devil believes in Jesus, too. Christ died for us. The very least that we as Christians can do is live for Him.

My ministry dream is to plant a church that resembles that of the early Church in as many ways as possible. It would not be to form a Mega Church. Amassing congregants isn’t my ministry mission. My mission would be to show people how to live as closely to Biblical tenets as humanly possible, and when not humanly possible, let the Advocate take over. My goal is not to have people raise their hands, approach the altar, sign a card, or wear a Jesus Freak T-Shirt. My mission is to get away from bumper sticker Christianity and help develop a community that lives the Message; that evangelizes at all times, and when necessary, uses words.

I would say that Church Planter would best describe me. I am eager to start a congregation that brings the Word to the people that need it most. I would sacrifice everything to bring the Word to the prisons, to the homeless shelters, to the rehabs and hospices. We are the Body of Christ, and I take that very seriously. Seeing millions of people die each year without being given the opportunity to know Christ is what calls me to ministry. My local church has supported me in my call to ministry by both pastors becoming mentors, as well as allowing me to be a part of the new Youth Evangelization training program.

I have five children, with another on the way. Being a father has changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined. God has blessed me by allowing me to marry my best friend and mentor in faith. He is the true head of my household, and we all know that. My family is completely behind me in this decision, and we are all very eager to do the will of God. Because I have been blessed by the Lord with such a large family, it would be nearly impossible to afford the cost of an education through a typical seminary. On top of that, to spend time away from home on a physical campus could put an unnecessary burden on my wife in my absence. With CLI free online ministry training, it will allow me to grow in my faith, to develop ministry skills that I would otherwise not have access to, and give me the opportunity to help grow the Church.

All that matters to me in the entire world is to do the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, and so I would ask that you pray for me on this journey of faith that the Holy Spirit guides me in a direction that would always be pleasing to the Father.

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