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Prison Ministry Training – Christian Leaders Institute is reaching out to those bi-vocational ministry leaders who have a passion to receive prison ministry training. Prison ministry training is not that different from traditional ministry training, in fact, it is very similar. The courses at Christian Leaders Institute include topics that have specific implication for prison ministry.

Grant Muhl of South Africa is called to receive prison ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. This is his story.

Prison Ministry Training Profile of Student Grant MuhlPrison Ministry Training

I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our country has always been a Christian-based country, but over the years there has been more and more emphasis on African Traditional Religion, which seeks to combine traditional Christianity with ancestor worship. Because of the ancestor worship emphasis, there is also a great importance placed on the spirits of the ancestors, which opens up a large involvement in the demonic.

I was born into a Christian family, and have always been involved in church life. At the age of 13 (October 1976) there was a traveling evangelist who visited our church for a week and held a week long evangelistic campaign. It was at one of these evening meetings that I was confronted with the gospel and convicted of my sin by the Holy Spirit. During the end of evening altar call, I went forward and accepted Christ as my Savior.

I have been involved in different ministries in various churches over the years, including youth ministry, being a deacon, and also leading Bible studies and worship teams.

I have always had a great compassion for people. After my schooling, I spend 3 years doing my compulsory military service (required by all young men in our country at that time). I served my time in the national police force bomb and riot squad. During my time in this unit, I saw tremendous squalour, neglect and depravity among a large portion of our community. God laid it on my heart during this time that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ for ALL people, including the neglected ones that I came across.

I am currently involved in a support and teaching ministry, serving female inmates in prisons across South Africa. There is a great need among inmates to hear the gospel, and there is also a great practical ministry opportunity, as many of these women have been abandoned and rejected by their friends and family.

I have always had great support in ministry from my family. My wife has also constantly been involved in various local church ministries. My two daughters are currently involved with me in the prison support ministry, and visit prisons with me each week.
A CLI scholarship has enabled me to continue to equip myself for effective ministry in the future. Coming from a blue collar family, there has never been finance available to further studies, and a scholarship would be a great blessing to me and my family in ministry.

Pray for an increasing opening for ministry in the prisons. There is always a great resistance to any outside involvement with inmates.

Grant Muhl appreciate those who have made his prison ministry training possible. He hopes to finish this training and become a pastor someday.

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