Edwin Bezuidenhout –

“My name is Edwin Bezuidenhout, I am a 45 year old South African of Dutch descent, living in Munster on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal.

“I was raised and grew up attending a Dutch Reformed Church, and therefore have a very good knowledge of the Bible; but I did not have a personal relationship with the Lord. One day, at a very young age, after a Church service; a retired Reverend who was wheelchair bound, motioned that I should come to him. From amongst all the children who were busy playing in the garden, he had singled me out. He told me that GOD wanted me to do something very important for Him, and the Reverend asked me if I would do what GOD asked me to do for Him. I replied that I promised that I would do what GOD asked me to do for Him. The Reverend then placed his hands on my head and shoulder and prayed for me and spoke a blessing out over me. (I was 7 or 8 years old at the time, but this memory is still so clear to this day, that it feels just like yesterday).

“Ever since I met my wonderful wife in 2001 and we got married to her in 2002, GOD became a reality in my life. I have developed a personal relationship and walk with GOD, and I know that GOD has a calling on my life, He just hasn’t yet shown me exactly what it is. I know that whatever GOD`s calling on my life is, He has prepared, formed and molded me, and I am ready to lay down my life for my Lord and Savior, to do what He has called me to do for Him.

“Although we have eleven (11) official languages in South Africa, the language most commonly used in business is English. The only obstacle that there is, is that a translator is required when ministering to black people in rural areas, where they mostly only speak their native language. The other challenge is that these areas are sometimes very remote and do not have electricity or running water. The people live in very poor and sometimes squalid conditions, but receive you and the Gospel with joy.

“My local Church is involved in the community teaching the Gospel, going on outreaches, Church planting, youth mentoring as well as having a successful full time recovery centre for rehabilitating people with drug addictions. My Pastor is my mentor and a friend who passionately shares the Gospel with love and fully supports me getting actively involved in Ministry.

“As a father I have seen how our daily family Bible reading and prayer devotional time has drawn us closer together as a family as we get closer to GOD. It encourages me when I hear how our children pray, that they fully understand what I am teaching them, and that they each have a personal relationship with GOD.”Edwin Bezuidenhout

Edwin Bezuidenhout Receives a Scholarship

“A scholarship at CLI is very important to my calling as I am a self employed Architect with a young family, and I do not have the time, nor the finances to be able to study on a full time basis. CLI is ideal for me as it allows me to study at my own pace from home, without any financial obligations. I believe that CLI`s teaching is biblical based, founded on Jesus and that it is correct and accurate.

“Please pray for me that I am fully equipped and ready to do that which GOD has called me to do for Him, and that He will show me what my calling is.”

Edwin Bezuidenhout has a heart for the Lord. When he was young, Edwin Bezuidenhout was told that God had something in store for him involving ministry. Now, years later, Edwin Bezuidenhout has felt the personal calling of the Holy Spirit to go into the ministry. Even without knowing what ministry God is calling him to, Edwin Bezuidenhout is taking steps to equip himself to be a faithful steward of whatever the Lord has in store. Edwin Bezuidenhout is seeking a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute to that end.

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