Chris Domfeh –

“I’m Chris Domfeh, born on the 11th December, 1992 in Accra-Ghana, but staying at Kumasi. I only married to Jesus, all I know is Jesus. I am the second male born of four children of my mum. When I was about five years, my mother got blinded by this eye disease called ‘Glaucoma’. By then, my elder sister was leaving with her father somewhere that my mum didn’t know. So I became her walking stick, held her hands from age five till now. She gave birth to my younger two siblings in her blindness because of many reasons. When I became born again later, something happened and I had a Diploma Certificate in a computer high school and this, was a miracle to me. There’s so much to talk about, how it affected my educational life but I can’t say them for now.

“Doing ministry here in Ghana is easy but not all that easy. Just like many other people in the world, some Ghanaians are easy to deal with, very understanding, others are difficult, not giving you the chance to even talk to them. Some want to see the kind of certificate you are holding as a minister whether or not you qualify enough to speak to them before they will hear you, else they will look down on you and will not hear you. This is very challenging!! Another problem is that those who by God’s grace has attained these higher certificates as Dr, PhD etc don’t want to go to the remote parts of the country in spreading of the gospel. And those who are willing to go lack supports. Because there are some places that critically needs help; the water that some even drink is something unspeakable, some, their health status are so poor and many many more. This also is very challenging!!

“This is how I came to know the Lord! I was very good academically, I have never be in the second position in my entire academical life, always on top of the class. So in J.H.S.2, there was this so-called christian in the school. This guy said to me that he had a vision concerning me and he wants to tell but he never got the chance. Finally, I became the school prefect in J.H.S.2(2004) third term while he also became the school chaplain. He then came to me and told me the vision which was about my being of the school prefect. Getting the advantage, he preach the gospel to me and I accepted it, confess the Lordship of Jesus over my life, begun to preach to others also with him and got baptize when I was in J.H.S.3(2005). Since then, I’ve been preaching in the buses, schools, in market places, doing dawn-broadcasting, one to one evangelism, youth programs and also in my church.

“Whatever I do in the church gives me the vigor to face the unbelievers. Aside this, is the teachings, advice, encouragement etc given to me by my senior pastor and my fellow ministers. Though I’m into all church activities, Pastor ( one of the gifts in Ephesians 4:11) is what I take very serious, simply because is my divine calling. I go for evangelism etc, Pastoring is what I’m called to do. I don’t have any key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue ministry, is the calling God.

“My goal is to help everybody especially those in the low estate- those in the remote part of the country, fill these and so much others into the Kingdom of God, teaching them also to be fruitful in our God’s Kingdom. And also to help my family. My dream is to take with me these huge souls to heaven, so I will not just be in heaven but receive crowns. Not I alone but they that I will take with me to heaven also.”Chris Domfeh

Chris Domfeh Receives a Scholarship

“I know for sure, that having scholarship in Christian Leaders Institute, will tremendously assist me. Here in this country that I live, I can’t possibly afford to attain good training and also to have the right doctrine for this mission. With CLI and its scholarship, I believe I will be well trained, fully equipped and well prepared for the ministry that I’m called to and also to face my dreams and goals. CLI will help me how to deal with the poor and the rich, those in the cities and those in the villages and cottages- those living in the remote areas of the country etc. A scholarship from CLI, together with the help of God, I will be able to confront and overcome any challenges that may arise in my ministry and gladly fulfill my dreams, my goals, purposes and my ministry, achieving and accomplishing them.

“I have a long way to go!! It will be my pleasure if you would help me in prayers that God will grant me the grace to carry out this ministry. That, the Spirit of God will increase in my life so I will be able to meet some of the above challenges and also that His words will be on my lips wherever I find myself. That God will enable me so I will be able to face any challenges that may arise in my ministry. Lastly, that CLI will help me with the scholarship to accomplish my ministry.”

Chris Domfeh is called by the Lord to preach the gospel in Ghana. He recognizes that there are various difficulties associated with this, but Chris Domfeh believes that God will provide opportunity. Chris Domfeh seeks a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute so that he can become fully equipped in the knowledge of God and of His word.

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